7 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I was out the other night wearing a dress and sandals and while walking back to the car in the fresh, cold air... I realised I need to plan my winter wardrobe asap. For me that always starts with the essentials. Once you have the basics in place, any fun things you buy afterwards will fit right in place. I thought I'd give you the low-down on my top wardrobe essentials for winter. 

1. Leather Jacket
Whether it's a luxe genuine leather jacket or a more affordable leather-look piece, this style of jacket will come in handy more than you'd realise. A lot of the time it can be difficult to figure out what to throw on over a dress when you're going out at night. You need an item that you can keep on if it's freezing, something that won't look out of place or too bulky if you are wearing it inside. A leather jacket works so effortlessly. It's edgy but can be softened with a pretty lace or blush-coloured dress underneath. It keeps you warm and will never go out of style. A definite investment piece!
2. Black Boots
This is the essential shoe for winter. I can guarantee you a pair of black boots will be your most-worn shoe throughout the cooler months. Flat, heeled, shiny, matte or suede, you need to find a pair that fits in with your clothing and also a pair that suits your daily/nightly handbag. Personally I carry a bag in a shiny black leather, so I'm currently searching for a pair of boots in the same material so they go well together. If you get the right style, they can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts, dresses and over socks or stockings. Basically with anything.

3. White Knit
There's something about a crisp white piece of knitwear that makes an outfit work. I have gone through a white jumper every single winter, it's my go-to piece to wear with jeans. It's just a refreshing piece to own and you can dress it up with a statement necklace over the top. If you get a white knit in a thinner fabric it can be a great layering piece for underneath a jacket or sleeveless coat, otherwise a thick cosy knit will work wonders on its own. You could even go a roll-neck style if you want something even more stylish.

4. Black or Blue Jeans
As much as I don't want to wear jeans this winter, I'm sure I will regardless. They're just too easy to throw on to get out the door. I already have a pair I love which are in a casual mid-blue stretchy denim that goes with everything. I'm thinking about getting a new black pair as well. I feel like I don't even have to explain why jeans are a winter essential!

5. Grey Cardigan
I've had a few grey cardigans over the years and I always get the wear out of them. I generally like to wear one over a pretty white top with jeans and boots, or even just with a classic t-shirt and sneakers. A grey cardi is so cosy to wear and the easiest colour to style. I've found that a light grey knit looks really nice with tan shoes and accessories.

6. Scarf
The ultimate travel essential, a scarf will be the best thing to keep you warm and comfortable while getting from point A to B. Some of my favourite colours and prints when it comes to scarves are dusty pink, leopard print, white, black or grey. I'm not the biggest fan of cable knit, I prefer my scarves to be either a lightweight fabric or a really soft knit.

7. Coat
You simply can't go through winter without a coat. It's an absolute essential and when you find the perfect one, it becomes another part of you throughout the season. I am yet to find the perfect thicker coat for myself, but I do have two lightweight trench-style coats in a dusty pink and camel and I love them. I prefer that draping wrap style as I think it's flattering on my body shape.

. . . . . . .

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x Vanessa

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  1. Love these pieces. I just purchased an excellent grey cardigan and it's already a lifesaver for the cooler weather xx