10 Inspiring Workspaces

I am forever looking through images of home offices and desks on Pinterest and it has me wondering, what makes an inspiring workspace? Is it the layout of the room, the colour scheme or the decor bits and pieces? The space above by Hayley Taylor (@taylor.dbeauty on Instagram) proves that it doesn't cost a crazy amount to create a simply stunning space to work in. With an affordable desk from Kmart, shelving from IKEA and decor from the same stores, Hayley's workspace is creative and unique with effortless minimalist vibes.

 I'm torn when it comes to deciding on a particular style for a room. I feel like minimal is simple, hard to mess up and can be so affordable as well. Whereas going all out with interesting pieces of furniture, artwork, decor, flowers and all the rest can quickly go from fun and exciting to a complete shamozzle. The following rooms are somewhat more extravagant than Hayley's, yet just as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

When I watched the video where Desi Perkins introduced her new home office (above), I was in awe. She had a designer come in to work on the space, and it definitely shows. Every piece of furniture and decor item was selected so carefully and specifically to build this eclectic room that is bursting with creativity. It would be hard not to get inspired when sitting in such an exciting, luxurious office. On the other end of this room she has a fireplace and sitting area with lounges and a coffee table. It's so inspiring, if you haven't watched the room tour on her channel already - go now.

I believe creating the perfect workspace starts with the desk. Finding a desk in the particular style you wish your room to be will get you off to a good start, then the ideas will flow on from there. There's a simple white desk at Milan Direct called the Durham Writing Desk that I think would be the best blank canvas for a room. They also have the more antique-styled desks like in the image above, which are so feminine and classic. It's really hard to choose which direction to go in!

Other pieces I find I'm drawn to when looking at someone's workspace are the desk chair, the rug, light fitting and the plants. Beyond the main items you spot in a room, the decorative decor pieces are what adds personality to a space. This can be down to the stationary on the desk, a printed cushion or metallic finishes. Most of the spaces above have chosen one colour and ran with it, either pairing similar hues or contrasting it entirely. They have a strong sense of furniture style throughout and despite how much some of them have going on in the space, it all just happens to tie together nicely.

If you were to create a brand new workspace, what style would you go for?

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