Artiste Professional Airbrush Collection

Artiste Professional Airbrush Collection Makeup Brushes Priceline

Introducing a new set of brushes to make their way into Priceline stores this year. The Airbrush Collection by Artiste (a Manicare brand) is a luxurious range of professional quality synthetic makeup brushes, designed to create a flawless complexion. They were created with international makeup trends in mind, a focus on perfecting the base and contouring of the face and eyes.

There are 6 brushes available in the range, all packaged individually to purchase separately. Each brush features a matte black handle with a rose gold metallic finish. The bristles are incredibly soft, black and grey in colour with a tapered shape to ensure streak-free blending. There are three brushes designed for the face and three for the eyes, all of them able to do a lot more than just what the name suggests.

Artiste Professional Airbrush Collection Makeup Brushes Priceline
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A01 Airbrush Mega Powder/Bronzer Brush - $39.95
This brush features a large round brush head, packed full of bristles with the density required to blend powdered face products. It is the perfect size for even application of powder around the face, soft enough to avoid moving any cream products around yet dense enough to buff the powder in for the "airbrush" look desired. The bristles are also nice and flexible, so they move gracefully across the face.
If you are after a bronzed glow, this brush is also a great size for bronzer. You can apply the product around the perimeters of your face without creating streaks or that dreaded muddy finish. It picks up just enough product to build up the colour gradually on your face.

A02 Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush - $26.95
If you like to apply your foundation with a brush yet still want the airbrushed finish a damp beauty sponge will give, this brush will do it for you. It's smaller in shape to apply cream product not only across the entire face, but to also fit into the little nooks that are a bit harder to get into (beside the nose, inner corners of the eyes, on the ears). The bristles are dense to buff the product right into your skin, although still flexible enough to move effortlessly around your face.
Also great for cream contouring, the brush has that perfect tapered shape to contour your cheekbones and blend the product out.

A03 Airbrush Soft Focus Blush Brush - $26.95
The one you need for that whimsical cheek finish, this brush will be the finishing touch to blend a hint of colour on your cheeks or to sweep highlight where it's needed. Tapered in shape, you can tap the brush sideways into the product to cover more space, or you can use the tip of the brush to apply it with more precision, with the rest of the bristles blending as you go.

A04 Airbrush Flawless Shadow Brush - $19.95
One of the most helpful eye brushes to own, this one can blend product through the crease and also press colour across the lid. It's the perfect shape to apply highlight under the brow, and also flexible enough to run shadow along the lower lash line. As this brush is thin and flat, you can really create that defined crease line, while running the brush backwards and forwards will blend it through. It is dense enough to pick up pigment to pat onto the eyelid, and simply dipping your brush in water before taking product onto it will intensify the colour when applying to your eye.

A05 Airbrush Blending Crease Brush - $19.95
Blending is the most important step in creating a flawless eye look, and this brush will do just that. Once again tapered, there is more density to the bristles in this brush allowing it to buff product across the eye seamlessly. Once again tapered in shape, it will fit perfectly into the crease of the eye.

A06 Precision Smudge Brush - $19.95
This is the smallest brush in the range, but is just as useful! The perfect partner for smudging eyeliner across the lash line when creating a smoky eye, or even carefully applying highlight to the very inner corners. This brush will do all the work that other brushes are just too big and fluffy to do, so you can apply product with precision. I've found this one is actually sharp enough as well as thin in shape to be able to do your eyebrows as well.

My personal favourite from the Airbrush Collection is the Soft Focus Blush Brush. It's so soft and such a great shape for applying blush and highlighter. I think I've been without highlighting brushes for so long that I all of a sudden want ten. If you are looking to purchase one of these I'd definitely go for that one first.

The Artiste Professional Airbrush Collection started dropping into Priceline stores in April.

x Vanessa

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