Makeup Collection Storage Ideas

I don't know about you, but for me, applying my makeup is my favourite part of the day. It's so relaxing to put on some music, pull out all the products I want to try that day and spend some time colouring in my face :) The only issue I currently have is my work desk has been bombarded with makeup, brushes and just general makeup clutter, leaving not much room for my computer. I feel so cramped, which makes me think I need a separate space for makeup storage!

I'm still in the process of designing my office room. It's such a tricky room to work with, being so small and narrow with an awkwardly tall window at the end. I want to get a new work desk purely for my computer and some decor, and then a separate makeup vanity where I can sit and do my makeup. The IKEA Malm Dressing Table is everywhere over Pinterest and it just looks perfect. It's very narrow so it doesn't take up too much space, and I could easily lean a mirror on top against the wall (every time I hang things on the wall here they fall down and smash eeek). A white or clear chair will finish that area. The more white I use, the bigger the space will feel.

I currently have two pieces of acrylic storage. One is (probably not acrylic) a set of drawers I bought at Officeworks, I think it was less than $15. The other is a lipstick holder I bought off ebay that holds 40 lipsticks. I'm definitely looking to upgrade my makeup drawers to something a bit nicer (that hasn't been design to hold paper) and I noticed that Shopbop stocks the brand GLAMboxes which does stunning acrylic storage for makeup and jewellery. I found the large makeup holder below in their Gifts section and it's been saved in my wishlist ever since. I think that would look good on one side of my vanity with the lipstick holder I have on the other side.

There are so many interesting decor pieces you can place on a makeup vanity as decoration or to store makeup and accessories. So many people use the Skurar Plant Pot from IKEA as a makeup brush holder. I've been using clear pen cups from Officeworks, another thing I need to upgrade. Other ways you can store makeup brushes are in bathroom canisters or by using an empty candle jar, a great excuse to continuously burn a beautiful candle. Once it gets down to the last bit of wax you simply scrape it all out, give it a wash and it's good to go. 

I think the prettiest flowers to have in a makeup space are either peonies (white or pink) in a small vase or an orchid in a pot, faux of course so there's no upkeep! Shopbop also have glass/mirror trays which are perfect for storing beauty items you want to keep upright such as foundation or even perfume. There's one below by Alexandra Von Furstenberg which is so sleek with her logo on the front. Another simple way to keep everything organised and give everything on your desk a home.

I think the best place for me to start when designing my new makeup space is the furniture. A vanity, a mirror and a chair will make up the space itself, and then I can start decorating and organising my makeup within that.

If you have the Malm Dressing Table I'd love to know your thoughts on it!

x Vanessa


  1. So beautiful! Love to have the great place like yours.

  2. simply love eveything.