Monday Musings #2

Happy Monday!

I kind of feel like last week was a dream... because I did things that I really thought I wouldn't be able to do. I was out of luck with the Rising Social Star competition, but I believe everything happens for a reason. So onto bigger and better things!

I never thought that I'd actually be able to make it to the announcement party in Sydney, something that a year ago I would have broken down before I even left the apartment. I guess I just took the day one step at a time, and the whole time I knew that if anything happened or if I felt I was about to break, I could always leave. Knowing that I wasn't trapping myself into anything and reminding myself that nobody was "out to get me" (I know that sounds ridiculous but that's my mind for you), I think that's what got me through it. Besides hoping that I might win the competition, my main goal for that day was making it to that party. And somehow... I did it.

To those who supported me throughout the competition (especially Jess!), I can't thank you enough. Creating content is nothing without having people out there to read it, see it, enjoy it and appreciate it.

I received a beautiful package from Loreal last week, which I shared the products on Instagram but I have more on the way to show you :) I'm thinking I have enough items - fashion and accessories related to do a new haul video as well. I've been thinking lately about which Kate Spade New York bag I want to get this year from Shopbop, they have the nicest designer bags on that site. Black or cream seems to be the best colours to go for, as I want one that fits in with the clothes I wear. I also think a small to medium size will work best as I just don't think I need a big tote bag. Oh and I also found the most beautiful piece by Rachel Zoe (a girl can dream, right?) - the Cairo dress. The most beautiful black lace dress I've ever seen. If only I could snap that one up right this second.

I've been wearing my white lace up tee by Glamorous like crazy. It's so comfortable, as all tees are. Other than that I'll have to get onto this haul video so I can show you other new pieces from places like The Iconic, Princess Polly and Cotton On that I've been wearing.

Hope you have a great start to your week!

Top Image: Muru Heart Tag Necklace, Napoleon Perdis Highlighting Palette, Sleek Solstice Palette, Zoeva Brushes, Lady Jayne Hair Bow, Victoria Beckham Perfume

x Vanessa


  1. Happy Monday gorgeous! Congratulations nonetheless for the Rising Social Star - you keep creating more amazing things all the time, so I just know you're about to have your biggest and best year yet.

    I'm so glad you pushed yourself to go. Anxiety is absolutely terrible and so debilitating, especially when you have to push yourself outside of your physical comfort zone. I commend you for doing it!

    Kiara x //

    1. Thank you so much :) this means a lot to me. Happy Monday to you too! Can't wait to see your posts this week xx

  2. Was very interesting reading this post - it's my first time properly looking at your website and your design skills are incredible! I completely understand the anxiety, a morning of very stressful flight cancellations and delays meant that I was feeling pretty anxious too! Would've loved to have a chance to chat at the event but hopefully another time!

    Ash / The Beauty Collection

  3. Well well well done for RSS, you did so well and we are all so proud of you x