Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review Mecca Maxima

When a box of the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks found its way into my life last week, I couldn't have felt more lucky. I had never tried the brand before, but one of their products has been high up on my makeup wishlist for a while now (the Naked Skin Concealer). It's so interesting being able to try out different brands, and with these lipsticks being somewhat more expensive than any I've tried (besides MAC), I noticed the difference immediately.

I found the quality in these lipsticks goes beyond the two I own from MAC. From the packaging - which is a lot more weighty and sturdy, to the formula itself - where the staying power and the overall finish is so close to perfection. I really didn't think a cream finish lipstick could stay on my lips for that long, while feeling so nourishing and keeping the shine for a lengthy amount of time. Even the mega matte finish lipsticks are definitely as they suggest - so incredibly matte - but they don't sink into the lines on my lips at all. It's just one smooth application of colour.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Mecca Maxima Lip Swatches
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review Mecca Maxima Swatches

The 10 shades I now own are the top picks of Urban Decay's CCO Wende Zomnir. I love the selection she chose to send out, a mix of wearable go-to colours with a few fun surprises thrown in. I definitely have my favourites - I can see me reaching for the two nude shades called Naked and Backtalk, and then the matte red called 714 is so good. Another colour that I thought was so fun was Menace, a matte bright pink. I found that particular shade to be so pigmented to the point where it stayed on my lips for 24 hours, even after scrubbing it off :)

The 100 lipsticks in the collection are in 6 different finishes - Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. I'd have to say I loved the look and feel of the Comfort Matte lipsticks most. The bullet has been designed true to Urban Decay style with a unique gunmetal case and a gold base which has a sticker showing the shade and finish of each lipstick. The formula of the lipsticks is so buttery, hydrating and conditioning with aloe vera, jojoba, avocado oil, illipe butter, vitamin C and vitamin E.

I believe they're launching in the US in less than a month and will be available on UrbanDecay.com and Sephora as well, not too sure when they're launching at Mecca here in Aus!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick swatches shades
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

I hope you enjoy the video!

x Vanessa

These lipsticks were sent to me by Urban Decay to share with my followers if I wanted to, which of course I did! :)


  1. Loving the lipstick shades. Are the Ud vice lipsticks available in australia? I searched a lot but couldnt find.

    1. They should be out within the next month I would say :)

  2. Meg - My beauty shootJuly 19, 2017 at 9:37 PM

    I just discover your blog and I love it!
    Amazing job, congratulations!