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I was so excited when these liquid liners arrived in the mail. I'm all for branching out when it comes to makeup, trying something a little different that can be a great talking point. With the new Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liners in my hand, metallic winged liner was next on my list of looks to try. I didn't know which colour to try first!

Eye Of Horus cosmetics liquid metal liners swatches

There are four shades available - Copper Sphinx, Imperial Bronze, Alchemy Gold and Ancient Pewter. The packaging is sleek with lids in the metallic shade of the product. A short brush wand with the brush itself long, pointed and only just flexible at the tip means the liner is easy to control and glide across the eyelid. For a metallic product, the liquid is highly pigmented and appears on the skin straight away - you don't need to build it up. The colours also shimmer incredibly in the light.

These liners are long lasting. They don't melt off, they don't smudge. You can quickly wipe it away as you're applying it if you make a mistake, but once it sets.... it's really set. Even if you accidentally rub your eye during the day, it stays right where it is. I generally have so much trouble with winged eyeliner melting down my eye throughout the day so seeing how wonderfully these stay in place was such a plus.

Eye Of Horus liquid metal liner bronze eye look

I thought I'd like the copper shade the most, but I have become absolutely obsessed with the bronze. Is it normal to want to wear a bronzey/rose gold eyeliner every single day? I've tried it as winged liner and it looks amazing, but I've also found how a simple line across the lash line with a bit of mascara is the quickest, easiest, yet still most interesting eye look that could be done. I can't stop looking at my makeup when I have this liner on... I love it.

x Vanessa


  1. These are so, so stunning! They are super opaque too, which I think is quite hard to find with this sort of product. x


    1. I know, usually with glittery liners they're just glitter that you have to build up. But these just go straight on metallic <3 love x