Kate Spade New York | Cori Coin Holder

I can't describe how much I've treasured this little thing since I got it from Shopbop a few months ago.

The Cori Coin Holder is my first piece by Kate Spade New York and I'm already planning my next. I love everything the brand stands for. Bold, exuberant, vibrant pieces that have all stemmed from Kate Spade's desire to design the perfect handbag back in 1993. The brand's motto is to "live colourfully", and for someone like me who likes to avoid standing out and drawing attention, I like to think of this brand as a way to slowly branch out of my comfort zone and just like they say.... live colourfully.

Kate Spade pieces are exciting and fresh, and I feel like with every collection they just become more and more fabulous. I found the Cori Coin Holder amongst all the other incredible Kate Spade bags, and fell in love with it immediately. Nice and compact with a beautiful striped mix of soft pink and cream-based white, the lining on the inside is golden along with the zipper, keyring and logo on the front. It expands from one side to fit all the cards I carry plus a couple of coins, while my house keys are attached to the keyring which can hang on the outside. There's one pocket on the side of the case where I keep my main bank card so it's easy to reach when needed.

Despite being faux leather, it feels quite sturdy on the outside and the gold details add a hint of luxury to the fun colour. When I was ordering it I was slightly worried that it wouldn't fit my cards into it, little did I know it would fit 8+ and still zip up easily.

I noticed it's one of the Kate Spade items on sale right now so if you're interested, now's your chance.

x Vanessa

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