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My little Rimmel London collection is growing by the day and I have a couple of exciting new releases to share with you.

First up, the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara which has been created with lash tint complex to gradually darken your lashes over time. I could definitely do with that, my eyelashes are so light and I'm slightly scared to experiment with at home tinting. A mascara that does it safely for me while I'm wearing it? Perfect.

Rimmel London Volume Colourist mascara review blog

I love the look of this product - glamorous with a mix of black and metallic mauve on curved packaging. The wand itself is typical of a volumising mascara. Large and bristly, it has a slight flexibility to it to bend easily around the eyelashes.

The way I'd describe the end result of using this mascara is that my lashes look "fluffy". It makes them look naturally fuller, darker and adds a substantial amount of length. They're not clumped, they're not spidery, they just look like naturally incredible eyelashes and I think the result is so appropriate for daily wear. What's sold me on this one is that you don't have to apply coat after coat to get the desired result... you've got it within seconds.

Rimmel London Magnif'eyes review swatches

The Rimmel Magnif'eyes are a dual ended eyeshadow crayon and kohl kajal product in one. Both long-wearing and waterproof formulas, these products glide on and don't budge throughout the day. All you could want in both shadow and liner. I have been loving the shade Kissed By A Rose Gold for my go-to bronzey, rose gold eye. I like to use the eyeshadow crayon as a base to intensify the colour of the powdered eyeshadow I put over the top, and the brown liner is perfect for smoking out the lash line to create more of a sultry eye look.

I was so eager to try out the new Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliners. Rimmel liquid liners have always worked best for me, and finding out they had a new long-lasting formula for all day wear, I needed it! I didn't realise how much I'd like the look of white winged liner until I tried it. I'd seen it in magazine pages from fashion week shows and it looked so ethereal and unique. I gave it a go and it somehow brightens up the eye and looks really interesting.
These liners have a very long, steady pen tip, which makes it easier to get right into the lash line to create a really precise line.

What's your favourite new Rimmel release?

x Vanessa


  1. Most of my great drugstore finds came from Rimmel and I honestly can't wait to try these out! Also I saw the trio contouring/highlighting palette the other day - it looks functional, but I feel like I don't really need the blush?

    Haha anyway, great post as usual!

    a creative Gen Z lifestyle blog

  2. I am so intrigued by this new mascara, I definitely need to try it for myself!

  3. Im loving that blue kohl! Very interested in that mascara too! x

  4. I'm absolutely obsessed with the Magnifeyes Dual Eyeshadow Sticks!!! They're so so great. My eyelids actually don't crease when I use them (which is a miracle). Sadly the contour palette was too light for me though x

    Katina Lindaa |