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Being one of those people who can't leave the house without eyebrows (how did I go without them back in the day?), I jumped at the chance to try the new Booki Brow Co. products. I've always loved the softness of a brow powder rather than a pomade. A powder keeps things nice and natural, just how I like it.

Booki Brow Co. is a brand new business founded by Brooke Jesberg, on the belief that strong brows can empower a woman. I completely agree! Brooke has spent 12 years in the brow industry formulating and designing a luxury brow range that's easy to use for everyday wear. It's amazing to see what she has created and to have the finished products in my hands.

I received two compacts from the brand, one in Light Brown / Blonde and the other in Dark Brown / Charcoal. They also sent me the Duo Brow Brush and the Duo Highlighting Brush to try.

Booki Brow Co eyebrow brow products powder review
Booki Brow Co brushes review

Something I've found quite a struggle with brow products is finding the correct shade to suit my brows and hair colour. The palettes I have from the drugstore work to get me by, but I can tell they're  either too warm-toned, too light or overly too dark. I just haven't got it right yet.

I have to say I'm very happy with the Dark Brown / Charcoal palette for my hair colour and I'm going to continue using this one. With a medium-dark brown to fill in the majority of my brows, the darker shade is perfect for defining the arch and tail of the brow as well as adding texture in so they're not just one solid colour. The consistency of the powder is different from my other brow palettes. It's more pigmented and seems to stick down, not fading throughout the day. The highlight included is a beautiful cream sheen that would blend in with any colour on the eyes.

I prefer the Brow Brush over the Highlighting Brush. The angled shape works really well with the powder, and having gone without a spoolie (bristled brush on the end) for a while now, I believe it makes such a difference to the overall appearance of the brows. So happy to have one again!

After using this powder for a few days now I think it definitely lives up to its luxury status. The quality is evident in both the palette and the brush I've been using. For a brand new product and business, it hasn't disappointed. I'm very excited to see what other brow products Booki Brow Co. release in the near future. 

x Vanessa


  1. I've got this package coming - so excited! Everyone's been raving about it x

    Katina Lindaa | c

  2. Just found your blog and I ADORE it! These prods look beautiful X