Khaki Outfit Ideas

I've really been getting into shades of khaki lately. Whether pale green, grey-green or brown-green, I think there's something so luxe and stylish about this colour and it mixes really well with other neutral tones.

The first outfit is the perfect winter day or night outfit. A long sleeve bodycon dress with a cosy black wrap-around coat, edgy lace up heeled boots and the classic Givenchy Antigona bag. If I were to go out with this outfit I'd just switch the bag up with something smaller.

I spotted this outfit on Kylie Jenner's instagram and was drawn to it immediately. Glam yet casual with a satin bomber, hip hugging camel skirt and chunky white sneakers. I'm not sure what top (or dress) Kylie was wearing with this outfit so I added a simple white square cut crop. This skirt below is almost sold out and I'm not surprised why after seeing this picture.

I think this outfit is really cute. Skinny beige pants with a white cropped singlet and a khaki sleeveless jacket. For the day time you could switch the heels for nude flats and it would work perfectly. I want so badly to be able to wear light coloured (or any coloured) skinny pants, but I just feel like they emphasise the shape of my legs (which I'm not a fan of) so I've avoided them.

I'm not too sure if I could ever make this outfit work but I love how it looks on this girl. She has paired an off the shoulder top with skinny pants in the same colour, a black choker and mirrored aviators. The blush lace up heels add a hit of femininity to the all-khaki outfit. I absolutely love tops like this, and I think I need to dive into my wardrobe to find my black one so I can start wearing it again.

Which outfit is your favourite?

x Vanessa


  1. loved every outfit vanessa!! xx

  2. I just discovered your blog and i must say "I'm inlove". I have similar items and this post gave me an inspiration on how to style them. Lot's of love from Namibia