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Sleek Makeup contour palette light review

I always love trying out the new releases by Sleek Makeup. They are the creators of my all-time favourite copper eyeshadow and bright inner-corner highlight, so I'm always excited to dive in and see if I can discover a new cult product to add to my makeup routine.

Sleek Makeup matte me liquid lipstick swatches

If you're a fan of Sleek's liquid lipstick formula (or love a good matte lip in general) then you'll love the new shades available in their Matte Me Liquid Lipstick range. I have four of the six new shades and I definitely have a favourite amongst them. I thought I was going to like "Bittersweet" the most, but when I tried on "Shabby Chic" I knew it was a winner. It's a dusty, cool-toned mauve shade, adding a hit of colour that's not too obnoxious. These lipsticks don't dry immediately so you have time to work the colour onto your lips before it sets, and they definitely do set. It's such a light-weight formula that it feels really comfortable, moves with your lips and doesn't budge - you need an oil based remover to get them off, otherwise a bit of a scrub with micellar water. The only issue I found was that the darkest shades do need a lip liner underneath to avoid patchiness.

Sleek Makeup matte me liquid lipstick swatches review
Sleek Makeup contour palette light review beauty blog

Next to try out was the Cream Contour Kit in Light. Having never tried cream contouring I was so intrigued to try this out. I'm so sceptical about using yellow shades under my eyes as the yellow in another contouring palette I have literally shows up yellow and doesn't brighten at all, I'm guessing because of my skin tone. I gave the yellow in the Sleek palette a go and I was surprised at how brightening it was. For once I didn't have these noticeable yellow patches under my eyes. So they've really got the brightening shades right for pale skin.

I find with drugstore contour palettes they always seem to make the contour shades too warm, when contouring is meant to be more cool-toned to mimic shadows in the face. I'm not sure if there's a purpose in that or if the colours just aren't selected carefully enough. I found that these browns were still more of a bronzer than contour, which is fine if you more so want to add warmth to your face. I actually used the darkest shade the most out of all three and I found that it prolonged the wear of my bronzer which usually tends to fade so quickly.

Sleek Makeup contour palette light review pale skin

I loved how these creams blended in with my foundation rather than dragging it around creating patchiness, which was something I was a bit worried about. I applied them with a brush and then blended it out with a sponge and they really looked flawless. This palette is great if you tend to avoid powders, or if you want a great base to enhance the powders you put on top.

My top recommendation from these products is the Matte Me liquid lipstick in "Shabby Chic". It's a beautiful, on-trend shade and I can see me wearing it a lot this summer. These products are available on the Sleek website and should be landing in Target in November.

x Vanessa


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