Packing For Winter In New York

By request, I have a new packing post to share! As winter is approaching in New York I thought I'd create a packing inspiration collage especially for it.

When I think of New York, Gossip Girl always comes to mind. The fashion was always incredible, especially in winter when they were all rugged up with their coats, mittens and beanies. I never tend to get that cold in winter here in Australia, but I can imagine it's a completely different story over there!

If I were packing for winter in New York, the first item on my list would be a big coat. I'd focus on a lot of layering pieces, long sleeves, undergarments to stay warm, jeans and one versatile black dress. For shoes I'd definitely take black boots with a slight heel, and then a pair of black flats or block heels. In terms of bags, I think on top of your suitcase it's always handy to have a carry on (in case anything goes wrong luggage wise) and a smaller clutch or cross body bag that you can wear during the day and night. Winter essentials would include a beanie, scarf, mittens and socks and if you wanted to be extra stylish a felt hat looks amazing.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of making a trip to New York!

x Vanessa


  1. Loving these pieces! New York always reminds me of Gossip Girl as well and these picks are so 'New York'! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge