The Black Friday Love List

Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping blog

So you all know how much I love creating wishlists throughout the year, but this one was especially necessary... the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are on!

If you haven't heard of these iconic pre-Christmas shopping events, they're the two days of the year when stores go crazy with their sales. You're really missing out if you don't start your Christmas shopping now, using the deals on offer today and the Monday coming.

In celebration of all the sales I've just discovered, I thought I'd share the best ones (in my opinion) and my favourite items with you, so you know where to shop and what good stuff is out there :)

20% off everything

20% off everything

Up to 50% off everything

25% off everything

40% off everything

Check out my Holiday Shop for gift guides and lots of festive dresses. Happy shopping!


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