Blush, Copper + Grey Home Decor

interior design home decor blush copper grey rose gold pink

My all-time favourite colour combination in the form of an interior concept. Blush, copper and grey work so wonderfully together to create a soft, elegant space.

If I were to start fresh with my living space, this is what I'd do. The only thing I'd switch up is the pink lounge, for Daniel's sake! I'd probably change that to a neutral shade and have a pink armchair in the corner of the space. I'm still in love with fiddle leaf figs and I plan to find a large one in future to replace my tiny little Kmart one!

I'm really wanting to get a round coffee table in the next year or so. I think they create so much more movement in a space, rather than blocking it out with the sharp angles of a rectangular table, like the one I currently have.

Another thing I wish I could do in our apartment is change the light fittings. I love the look of chandeliers. Unfortunately underneath our current fittings there are ugly fixtures that if taken out, would leave gaps in the roof. So I can't easily switch them up for hanging lights. Maybe the next place we live in!


  1. I've been obsessed with this colour scheme lately, it always looks wonderful, great picks, I love the coffee table

  2. This is really cute. I just love the colors of all the items. Really a great collection.

  3. Hydrangeas, brass & blush! Some of my faves - perfect selection. Sunni xox

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