Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Rimmel Magnif'eyes eyeshadow palette review

Rimmel London are launching the new Magnif'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Australia this December. I wanted to do a specific review on the one that has been sent my way to try out, as I have a bit to say about it!

I have seen three different variations of this eight-pan eyeshadow palette on other blogs, but I believe Rimmel is only releasing two in Australia, 'Grunge Glamour' and 'Keep Calm & Wear Gold'. I have the palette in 'Grunge Glamour', which has been designed to create a sultry, smokey eye. It includes neutral greys and browns, along with bronze, wine and pewter shades. All but one of the eight shades are shimmery, with a matte taupe shade included for the crease. From what I've seen, the other two palettes in the range are more warm-toned, bonzey, coppery colours.

When swatching the palette, I ran into some issues. The first four shades in the palette were incredibly difficult to swatch. It took several attempts to get any kind of colour payoff onto my arm, with the matte taupe shade (fourth from the top) being the biggest struggle of them all. You can see it's very patchy and it just seemed to crumble off my arm. The darker four shades swatched a whole lot better, and were actually verging on the rich colour Rimmel says the palette has.

Rimmel London Magnifeyes eyeshadow palette swatches Grunge Glamour

I have tried the palette on my eyes twice, and I'm a little disappointed. Both times I've been left with an eye look that doesn't translate from the beautiful colours in the palette. I've had to apply other eyeshadows over the top before I was happy to leave the house.

I've tried three shades - the taupe in the crease, the bronze on the lid and the wine shade in the outer corners. The taupe applied better than it swatched, I didn't have any issues with it other than a little bit of fallout. The bronze wouldn't apply with a brush to the lid, I had to use my ring finger and even still, it was showing up as a very dull grey-bronze colour. I thought the wine shade would have a stronger colour to it, but once applied to the out corners and blended, the entire eye look appeared to be a shimmery dull-grey smokey eye. Not something I would ever go for.

Rimmel magnif'eyes eyeshadow palette review swatches
rimmel london magnifeyes eyeshadow palette grunge glamour

It's such a shame, as the colours really do look beautiful in the palette. I don't tend to have trouble with other Rimmel products, so this one must be a one-off.

I wouldn't recommend buying this particular palette in 'Grunge Glamour', as it retails for $19.95 and I believe for only four okay eyeshadows, it's probably not worth your money. If you were interested in trying one out still, I'd definitely suggest getting 'Keep Calm & Wear Gold' or 'London Nudes Calling', as the swatches of those two I've seen on other blogs look a lot better! 

Have you got your hands on one of these Rimmel palettes yet? If so, how did you find it?


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  1. The shades are beautiful but too bad they're hard to work with. I've only tried the stay matte powder from Rimmel as the brand is not available in my country I had to get the stay matte powder online x