You Are Not Alone

When I hear other people's stories of their experience with Anxiety and Depression, real true experiences that resonate with me and what I know to be true, it sends me into tears. Without thinking twice... I'm gone.

I've been through it all and still, from time to time, I'm not the best. But I'm better. And knowing what's on the other side of all the fear, angst, worry, pain, self-hatred, trembling, breathless dark days... I wish I could just grab every person who still resides within that mindset and let them know that it does get better. It always gets better... you just have to push through.

It's hard knowing that there are so, so, so many people out there who deal with Anxiety and Depression. It's even harder knowing there are some who go behind the scenes with it, not letting a soul know of the battle that's going on within. When you tell someone... anyone... when you let it out for the first time it's the biggest breath you'll have taken in years. It's like a big body of air, straight to your soul, which has been locked away for too long trying to cope.

When I first told a doctor about mine, he almost shrugged it off. As if he heard the same thing every day. And instead of getting angry, it made me feel better. It made the battle seem smaller... less significant. Almost as if it were normal. Which it kind of is. You may feel like something is wrong with you, or just like I once felt - that you were never meant to be put on this earth in the first place. But it's far from the truth. We've been given these battles in life, because we have the power inside of us to handle it. That power is there... even if you don't think it is. You're stronger than you think. You're also incredibly important.

If you combined all of us together, the many of us who deal with Anxiety and Depression... the battle would be non-existent. We are destined to be the winners in this.

You are not alone. Never for one second, think you are.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with anxiety and depression. I am walking this long, unpredictable and lonely path as well but have felt the need to keep my private war hidden from the public face I share. Today started rather flat and uninspired but I found your gorgeous pink, pretty blog and was inspired by your phone wallpapers to take an inspirational images and quotes journey through cyberspace (tools I am learning to use from my anxiety/depression tool box). This inspired me today, "There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections." I am ready to get back up and walk again. Thank you for the inspiration xx