7 Stunning Blogs To Follow In 2017

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As a blogger myself, I am an avid reader of other blogs. When I first discovered what blogs were back in 2008, they became an escape for me. These websites, made by individuals all over the world, were online purely as creative outlets to inspire an audience and I LOVED that concept.

As time goes by, I have noticed more and more blogs are produced by an entire team of people. They've been designed to keep up with the demands of what people expect from blogs these days, as well as to suit the fast-paced and ever changing world of technology. I think a handful of blogs do it really well. Others, I can find I'm quite disconnected from, as it feels like an individual's blog ran by several people so it jumps all over the place. The ones who I believe do it well though, have such a strong and consistent approach to the content as well as the style of writing and photography. It all ties in together.

I have to say, I still love the individual's blog the most. I love following women who have both a personality and lifestyle which is so inspiring that they require a space online all to themselves. There always seems to be someone new popping up. The bloggers I used to be so interested in, eight or so years ago, I no longer follow. I think it's the ones who keep transforming themselves and their online space, who I find hard not to hold onto.

I wanted to share my current favourite fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs with you. These are a mix of both individual blogs and those ran by a team, and each one is wonderful in its own special way.

The Everygirl

This blog is everything. If you've been looking for a website you can jump onto on your lunch break or on the way to work, one that will keep you preoccupied to the point where you lose track of time..... well, stop looking. This is it. The Everygirl blog, ran by a wonderful team of talented people, not only has a layout that is so easy to move around in, they also push out interesting posts like there's no tomorrow. I feel like I'm always learning something new by following this blog.

the everygirl blog blogger

The Chriselle Factor

Chriselle is one of the most effortlessly stylish bloggers I follow. She's one of those people who just seems to "have it all together". I adore her home decor posts, as well as seeing what she loves beauty-wise. The photography is incredible, I really enjoy her videos and she inspires me to invest in quality items, both for the wardrobe and beauty cupboard.

The Chriselle Factor blog blogger

Glitter Guide

Just like The Everygirl, this is another blog you can really get lost in. I was originally drawn to it by the logo alone, although when I arrived, the content did not disappoint. There's a certain style to the content on this blog that I just can't work out how to describe, other than "lovely". If you're looking for lifestyle inspiration, this is a great place to be.

glitter guide blog blogger

In The Frow

I've been following Victoria for a couple of years now, both as a blogger and on Youtube. I started following her back when she had the incredible lilac hair... it was hard not to be drawn to her work! She's someone who is really relatable to watch, but also really inspiring to follow. Her personality is lively and she's so passionate about what she does. She's a real go-getter and she inspires me to get out there and make the most of every opportunity.

In The Frow blog blogger Victoria

Kate La Vie

I think anyone who loves blogs and blogging would already be following Kate. She's inspiring in her own unique, personal way. Whatever she creates or photographs, it's just magical. She has an incredible sense of style, both clothing and home decor. She has a knack for beauty photography, her entire house is a dream and she's just so creative.

Kate La Vie blog designer bags

Life With Me

I discovered Marianna Hewitt last year, I'm thinking probably on Instagram and then I made my way over to her blog. I am in love with her style. Everything about it resonates with me so much. The colours and the types of clothing she wears. I also think she has incredible hair and her makeup always looks amazing. A definite inspiration to me!

Life with me Marianna Hewitt blog blogger

Wish Wish Wish

This is my favourite blog of them all. Carrie's blog photography is stunning, as are the ways she puts a post together. Her outfits, flat lays and wishlists are all just so lovely to look at. I could spend hours scrolling through, looking at all the images, even though I've seen them all before! I don't think I'll ever get tired of her blog! It's perfect.

Wish Wish Wish blog Carrie wedding

Do you have a favourite from the bloggers above?




  1. Definitely going to be checking out some of these bloggers that I don't already follow!


  2. Awesome blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I follow most of these blogs but the ones I don't I'm definitely going to check out! Kate La Vies blog layout is beaut!! As is Wish wish wish.

    Beckie xo || The Pale Tails

  4. I love Kate and In The Frow! A few here I haven't heard of yet so I'll be sure to check them out :) Lovely post x

    Mae ♥


  5. wow..I love everygirl and In The Frow. Never heard them yet so I'll be sure to visit them.. TQ vanessa

    Love, Aida