Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer review

One of my Christmas presents last year turned out to be the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer, a beautiful round pan of warm bronzing powder inside pretty golden packaging. In just a few short weeks it has become my new favourite for pale skin, already working its way into my makeup routine for those days when I'm not tanned (which I've been really slack with this summer!)


There are three Chocolate Soleil bronzer shades - Milk, Chocolate and Dark. I have it in the shade Milk which says it's for light/medium skin tones. I find it's definitely very light. I can't imagine this showing up at all if I had any type of self-tanner on, so if you like to tan often or you find you lean towards medium-toned skin products, I'd suggest going straight for one of the deeper shades.

The colour is a matte warm tan-brown, muted just enough that you could still contour with it. It doesn't look muddy whatsoever. It just gives your skin this natural, sun kissed look. I think it would be the perfect Autumn/Winter companion, as it bronzes the skin without looking over-the-top. It even works as a wonderful transition/crease shade for the eyes.

too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer swatches


The golden packaging feels more plastic than what I expected, however it's pretty enough to not even care about that. The mirror inside is a great size, filling the entire lid. The product fits nice and compact in the palm of my hand, is really lightweight and wouldn't take up much space when travelling. You can easily swish a brush around in there without getting product everywhere, as the pan itself is quite deep. The lid is embossed with the Too Faced logo and a design around the outside.

too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer review blog
too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer review beauty blog


The first thing I have to say about this product is that it smells really nice. There's a faint, cocoa-sweet smell to the powder, which is firmly pressed into the pan. The powder is creamy enough that it goes straight from the pan to your brush, without flinging up everywhere. I love how the mirror inside stays clean.

It's a very buildable bronzer, so it would be quite difficult to go overboard on the colour. I do find that I have to go back in with my brush several times to pick up colour while applying, which I don't mind as there have definitely been times with other bronzers, where within seconds, I've got too much on my face. Bronzer isn't the easiest thing to take away, so I like with this one you're going to get a natural effect with every use.

too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer pale skintoo faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer beauty blog

The Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer isn't the most pigmented bronzer I've ever used, however I do prefer the consistency and light colour over other bronzers I own. I love that soft-bronze effect it gives, keeping my makeup looking natural and fresh. It's also a powder that blends like a dream.

If you have fair skin and you're struggling to find a bronzer that is light enough to suit, this one is for you. 



  1. This one looks gorgeous! I've been obsessed with the Gingerbread bronzer from their Grande Hotel Cafe set, and was so tempted to check out their permanent bronzers xo

    Love, Catherine

  2. Obsessed with this bronzer - I can't believe how long it took me to try it! Perfect for pale skin :)

  3. I used La Guerlain before this but I was itching to try something new! I'll definitely try this out at Sephora ext time I'm in!

    xo, jess