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Designer Brands cosmetics makeup review

If you haven't discovered Designer Brands Cosmetics yet, let me introduce you. DB is one of Australia's top affordable cosmetic brands. It's likely to be one of the first makeup displays you see when you walk into a pharmacy or chemist, however if you're not in Australia, they also ship internationally from their website! The brand prides itself on delivering quality, cruelty-free makeup at a super affordable price.

I first discovered the brand when I popped into a chemist to grab some new lashes, and as soon as I saw the price of their products I had to try some straight away. The first product I bought was their Longwear 24hr Foundation and I have been hooked ever since. If you've ever considered buying the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation but just can't justify the price, try this DB one first. It's very similar!

Designer Brands sent me a couple of their new releases as part of the Nude Perfection Collection to share with you.

Glow Get Em Pressed Bronzer -  $11.99

First is the 'Glow Get Em' bronzer in the shade 'Chestnut', the lighter of the two shades available. It's a warm-toned mid brown shade which looks to have the slightest specks of shimmer in the pan, however when applied to the skin it's completely matte.

It's the type of colour that gives you a warm, sunkissed glow and I love how easily it blends into the skin. The darker shade called 'Coffee' looks slightly deeper and less-warm, so could be a better choice if you're after a new contouring powder, whereas the shade I have here is a definite all-over bronzer.

The bronzer is in black plastic packaging with a push clasp and large mirror on the inside.

Designer Brands Glow Get Em Pressed Bronzer review swatches

Enlighten Me Pressed Illuminator - $11.99

The 'Enlighten Me' illuminator is one of the prettiest highlighting powders I've tried. It's a beautiful peachy, champagne shade with an amazing sparkle to it when blended out. It's a metallic peach on the skin and shines a beautiful, bright champagne in sunlight. Many highlighters I apply, I just can't see them until I move in front of a window or into bathroom lighting, but this one is definitely visible no matter what lighting I'm in.

Just like the bronzer, it is packaged the same way with a mirror included.

Designer Brands Enlighten Me Pressed Illuminator review swatches
Designer Brands makeup swatches

Limited Edition Nude Quick Colour - $7.99

I was due for some new nail colours so I'm very happy to have two new ones called Mauvin On Up and Stable Sable. These limited edition shades are part of their Quick Colour Nail Range with a formula that dries in 30 seconds. Perfect for me as I am one of those people who stuffs up their nails within seconds of painting them... I can never stay still long enough for them to set in place!

Mauvin On Up is the type of nail shade I've been searching for for quite a while now. It's a beautiful dusty mauve colour that I think suits so many people. If you're more into warmer tones, then Stable Sable is a muted dusty burnt orange shade, perfect for Summer/Autumn. When testing them out I found they definitely dry in 30 seconds and they both last on the nails for about 3 days (without a top coat) before starting to chip.

Designer Brands Quick Colour nail polish review
Designer Brands Quick Colour Nail Polish Mauvin On Up
Designer Brands Mauvin On Up Stable Sable

Limited Edition Lavish Lip Gloss - $8.99

I'm still not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but I do know a lot of you would be, so I thought these limited edition lip gloss shades were worth mentioning. All nudes, the first two are basically the same shades as the two nail colours I just mentioned. So if you love matching your lips to nails, they've got the colours!

There's Demure which is a dusty mauve shade, Nice & Natural which is that same burnt, dusty orange nude and a different one called Stripped Rose which is a mid-toned burgundy red.

I actually like the formula of these glosses, as they're moisturising and shiny without that sticky effect that results in your hair sticking to your lips. There's enough colour in them to wear them alone, otherwise they're the types of shades you'd most likely have in lipsticks or liners, if you want something to wear over the top.

Desginer Brands lip gloss review

Several other products I have from the brand are the Longwear Foundation I mentioned above, the Beyond Amplifying mascara (a great lower lash mascara wand!), silver Glitter Liner and the Matte Top Coat which transforms any shiny polish you apply to be completely matte.

Have you tried anything from Designer Brands?




  1. Ooh these look lovely! I'm especially intrigued by the illuminator and the 30 second drying nail polish. I'm also someone who just can't wait long enough for the nail polish to dry. I never realise how much I bump my nails into stuff until I'm the only thing I'm focused on is waiting for my nails to dry and can't even walk through my room.

    -Sophie x | Cherries and Perfume

    1. Agree! It's so annoying haha, so nail polishes like these are definitely helpful :) xx

  2. Such gorgeous photos, you're so talented. I looove the look of that illuminator.

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

    1. Thank you so much :) yes it's a pretty one! xx

  3. that illuminator looks amazing!

  4. Fabulous Images. DB seems interesting .

  5. i love these designer brands cosmetics review because these are the best collection ever and also suitable for every girl