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If there's one thing guaranteed to bring me happiness, it's home decor. I can't go shopping without bringing something new back to decorate a space in the apartment. Most often it's cushions... I buy way too many cushions.

When it comes to larger pieces of furniture, that's where I splurge and buy pieces that have to go on the credit card. I always want quality furniture, however I'm so happy to accessorise a space with more affordable decorative things.

My go-to places for home decor are Kmart (of course), Adairs, Target and IKEA. I thought I'd round everything up I've bought recently for a home decor haul 😊

Kmart Occasional Chair

I never thought I'd love a chair this much but as soon as I placed this one in the corner of the living room.... so much happiness. It was only $49, a price you wouldn't usually see on a cute armchair, but Kmart is always bringing in the goods. This new piece fits perfectly in the small space we have.

kmart occasional chair grey

Kikki K Pen Holder

I still have no idea what to do with my desk space. I removed everything I originally had around my computer and now I only have my camera, a plant, a few notebooks and some stationery pieces, including this acrylic pen holder with a rose gold base from Kikki K. It was a sale piece, so I had to ask the girls at the counter if they still had it and luckily, there was one hiding in one of the cupboards.

kikki k acrylic pen holder rose gold

Kmart Charcoal Flannelette Quilt Cover

This has been one of my favourite winter purchases, as it's soooo warm! I'd never tried flannelette bedding before but it's definitely what I'll be using every winter now. I adore the dark grey colour of this Kmart quilt cover set and it's also reversible, with light grey on the other side.

kmart charcoal quilt cover set

Adairs Pink Vase

I spotted this vase in Adairs and I loved the colour, although I didn't really like the shape of it, I thought it was a bit odd. But now seeing it every day I've found that I really do love it.

adairs pink vase white peonies

Adairs Cushion

The detail on this cushion sold me, as well as the dusty pink colour. It's kind of boho.... yet really pretty at the same time. I think the style of it works well in both winter and summer, and it's the type of cushion I can't see me wanting to replace any time soon.

Adairs Fiddle Leaf Fig

I already had a faux fiddle leaf from Kmart in our living room, but I wanted one for the corner of the bedroom as well. I still need to buy a pot or basket for it, as the plastic pot at the base doesn't look that great. The plant itself though is really nice and I love the life it brings to the room.

adairs fiddle leaf fig

Kmart Canisters

I bought these to store teabags, coffee, sugar and decaf coffee in as I thought they'd look nice on the bench. They have suction lids which is great and I really like the embossed print around the outside. Much better than opening jars and boxes every day.

kmart canisters

Target Teacup & Saucer

I first saw this range while scrolling through Instagram and I knew I had to have a part of it straight away. I almost regret not buying the whole collection, there were pots and platters and other pieces in white/gold as well. I have a cup of tea in this one almost every night.

target pink teacup saucer

IKEA Flowers & Vase

We made a trip to Ikea the other weekend and I spent a while around the flowers section putting a bunch together to place on the little table we have just inside the front door. I don't know why the stems of flowers at Ikea are always so long... really difficult to cut as well! I had to cut them all with pliers to fit them into a glass vase which is also from Ikea.

ikea artificial flowers

Kmart Marble Cake Stand

I found this on the very bottom shelf of Kmart and I'm super happy I did. It's a very heavy, marble cake stand which I keep on the kitchen bench for whenever I bake anything. The only thing I wish it had is a clear or glass dome lid to put on the top.

kmart marble cake stand

IKEA Pink Table Runner

I bought this table runner as we have a grey one on our table but I wanted to try something lighter. Unfortunately it's not quite long enough for our table, I think it's meant for a smaller square one. So I just like to fold it up for the center of the table to place other things on top of it. I'm always trying to keep our dining table from getting scratched so table runners are the best thing.

Kmart Marble Coasters

These marble coasters have made their way around our apartment, they seem to be everywhere! They're a great thing to keep drinks from marking tables and the shape and material of these ones in particular are really luxe as well (but barely cost anything).

kmart home decor

Kmart Fluffy Blanket

And lastly, my favourite winter thing. This is a really large, super soft fluffy blanket from Kmart and the colour is everything. I can't even describe how soft it is. It lives on the couch and keeps me warm whenever I'm sitting there.

home decor haul blog kmart adairs ikea target

Next on my furniture/decor shopping list includes a white buffet for the dining area, a large mirror to sit on top of it with a few other decor bits on display. I also need to find a lamp for my desk.

Spot anything you like?



  1. Gorgeous pieces you've chosen! I pretty much live in Kmart, I'm currently snuggled up in that pretty pink blanket you mentioned! On another note, I've been obsessed with your blogger template 'Peony Diaries' and I can't decide if I want to keep my current theme or change to the new one!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume ♡

    1. Oh I live in there too! Every weekend :)
      Peony Diaries is my favourite! I noticed your blog is older than 2015 so the homepage slider on Peony Diaries wouldn't work on your blog due to Blogger's coding changes in 2015 :( I'm glad you like it though!

  2. I love your haul. Everything is gorgeous

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  4. I use the same canisters for sugar and coffee. They're the best! I also have the same pens and I use them at work. The arm chair is perfect, I definitely would buy it! x

    1. Yes I'm obsessed with these rose gold pens, Kmart has everything :)

  5. Lovely haul! Everything looks so pretty! I've been looking for something similar to that marble cake stand!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. gorgeous pieces - i love the grey chair! xx