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new arrivals Sportsgirl 2017

A few new things I've spotted at Sportsgirl over the last few weeks!

I'm really loving the look of long tassel earrings, I think I definitely need to get a pair. There are these black ones above which look nice, but I'm thinking they would probably just blend into my hair. I'm going to look for a pair that are a little lighter or more colourful I think! I also noticed they had a circle sling bag. I already own one but I can highly recommend. It's been such a fun type of bag to have. I so wish the cat phone case came in an iPhone 7+ size... if it did I'd be snatching it up asap.

I'm yet to try on a top with frills on the sleeves... I don't know if I'll end up getting something like that as it's definitely a trend item that could be out in a month or so. Lately I've been trying to buy clothes that I know I'll wear year after year as I was getting a bit tired of wearing something once then sending it to the back of the cupboard. The pink jumper above is so cute though... 😍

See anything you like above?



  1. That rose palette looks gorgeous! xx

  2. That flared sleeve top is beautiful and I love the ankle boots as well, i actually have a really similar pair from Jo Mercer :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  3. Great combination! love the colors

  4. Love the top with flared sleeves! Absolutely gorgeous minimal style.