Become An Ebook Affiliate

To all the bloggers who have read the Blog Pretty eBook, I'd love for you to become an affiliate! You will earn 25% of the sale of the book, every time one of your readers purchases it through your affiliate link!

How To Get Your Affiliate Link

1. Join the Blog Pretty Affiliate Program here
2. Login to Sendowl
3. Click on 'Programs' in the left menu
4. Click on 'Click To See Affiliate Links'
5. Under 'Site Link' copy the URL provided - that is your unique affiliate link!

How You Can Promote The Book

If you have read the book and you think your readers may benefit from hearing about it, I'd love for you to spread the word! There are so many ways you can share Blog Pretty around so I want to share a few ideas with you:

Place a banner ad
I have created lots of pretty banner ads to choose from (scroll down below). Find one that suits your layout and place it in the side bar, header or footer of your blog. 

Write a book review
There are many bloggers out there who may be interested in purchasing Blog Pretty. By writing a review on the book (without giving everything away) - talking about why you like it, how it helped you and what your readers have to look forward to, they will be more informed and (hopefully) more inclined to buy. 

Share your favourites
There are quite a few books out there about blogging and social media, both eBooks and Kindle books. Share your favourite blogging books in a blog post, including the cover pics and a short blurb about each one. 

Write a pin-worthy post
How good would it be if you could get a post to go viral on Pinterest PLUS make lots of book sale commission? People love lists, so if you can come up with a savvy blog post like "7 Ways To Grow Your Blog" or "5 Reasons Nobody Is Reading Your Blog" , which briefly touches on a topic covered in Blog Pretty, you can easily include a link in the post, encouraging readers to find out more in the book. 

Share it in a blogging Facebook group
If you are a member of a Facebook group for bloggers, they may be interested in hearing about Blog Pretty! Just make sure you are following the rules of the group when promoting the book.

Add it to a resources list
Including a resource list on your blog is a valuable tool. Other bloggers love to know what you have read, what you have listened to, what programs you use, what apps you use and whatever else helps you as a blogger! Create a resources blog post or separate page on your blog and include a list of helpful books.

Share your blogging experience
Write a post about why you started blogging or how blogging has helped you. You can link to the book as a source of inspiration for any new or existing bloggers out there.

Interview me!
If you're stuck for content ideas, an interview could be an interesting post for your blog. I'm up for being interviewed, if you'd like to ask me any questions. You can include a link to the book at the bottom of the post.

Banner Ads + Images

I have created several banner ads and blog post images for you to choose from. If you'd like to place one on your blog, right click and save the banner you like in your preferred size, upload it to your blog and link it to your unique affiliate link.

Side bar banner - 300x250px

Top or bottom banner - 728x90px

Side bar banner - 125x125px

Blog post image - 600px wide
Blog post image - 600px wide

more coming soon...


How does this program work?
Every time someone purchases the eBook through your unique affiliate link, you will earn 25% of the sale. Cookies are tracked for 2 months, therefore if someone has clicked through your link and makes a purchase of the book within the next 2 months of clicking, you will earn the commission for their sale.

How do I track my sales?
When you log into Sendowl, you will see how many books you've sold as well as your earnings.

How will I be paid?
I pay affiliates via Paypal. You will receive your earnings for the previous month on the 15th of the next month. For example, if you earn $50 between January 1st and January 31st, you will receive that $50 via Paypal on the 15th February.

Is it worth it?
I've recently read a few posts from bloggers who are affiliates of other blogging eBooks, and they have earned money from it. It's all about how you work your affiliate link into your content. Feel free to give it a go, you can pull out at any time if it's not working for you. Become an affiliate of other books as well to increase your chances of making sales.