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Accept your reality. Be present, be bold. Create something exciting. Drink plenty of water. Exercise daily, eat fresh foods. Feel your emotions, face your fears. Go outside, give. Help others. Ignite your passions. Jump through your comfort zone. Keep looking forward. Laugh, learn to let go. Meditate, make goals. Never give up on what you want. Observe beauty. Pray, paint. Quiet your mind. Read, relax, reinvent yourself. Smile, sleep, simplify. Talk wisely. Unleash your strengths. Visualize your dreams. Walk, write, watch the sunset. Xerox your smiling face. Yield to your thoughts. Zap negativity.

A few words by Elle Glass in the Aug/Sep issue of RUSSH…
“A retreat, then, is not always an escape; sometimes, it’s an advance. A moving forward of sorts, a wake-up call, a letting go of all that should have been lost to you.”

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