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How To Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

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Every girl loves treating herself to a new lipstick. Did you know that with every skin tone there are a particular selection of colours that are most flattering? Applying the perfect lipstick shade can really amp up your makeup look and bring on the compliments from everyone around you!
Your choice of lipstick should depend on the occasion and what the overall look is you’re going for. Are you trying to wear a natural, pretty look for the day? Or are you wanting a bold pop of colour for the night? Whatever the look may be, there’s a great shade complimentary to your skin!
In the chart above you can see the gradient of colours from the lightest pastel hues for pale skin, to the beautiful rich colours for the darkest of skin tones. There are definitely no rules to lipstick, so have a play around and find what colours suit you best, using the chart as a guide.

My favourite lipstick formulas are by MAC and Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve heard that Bitch Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury is the ultimate nude lipstick, so I’ve put it on my Christmas wishlist! The best lipstick I’ve ever bought has been Velvet Teddy by MAC. What’s your’s? I’d love to know in the comments!

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