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Ari by Ariana Grande

One of my Christmas presents from my boyfriend this year happened to be Ari by Ariana Grande and I absolutely love it.

So fruity, sparkling and fun… one of the top notes is pink grapefruit which I always go for in a fragrance, along with pear and raspberry. Middle notes are rose buds and vanilla orchid and then it also has an addictive hit of musk and marshmallow to it!

The scent is packaged in a geometric glass bottle with a tinted pink lid. There’s a super cute detachable white pom pom which can be hooked onto a keychain, or just left on the bottle πŸ™‚

I’ve been wearing it every day since Christmas and although the full scent doesn’t last all day, the sweet hint of marshmallow definitely lingers on the skin which is a plus!

Do any of you have this perfume and if so, what do you think?

x Vanessa

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