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Art Club Concept clock

Art Club Concept home decor cushions
Art Club Concept cushions
Art Club Concept pink grid clock

I love the moment when you find a brand 
that resonates with everything you are.

Whether it be clothing, jewellery or in this case, home decor. Art Club Concept was formed by Melbourne-based creative Ben Lawry, whose career in fashion led him into the inspiring world of interior design. I am SO happy he made the switch.

I feel incredible happiness when I see talented people succeeding… those ones who know exactly what they’re doing. They know what people want, and haven’t just floundered to success through money. They had an idea, and made it 10x better than it ever could be. Those people inspire me.

From Art Club Concept I have an incredible new clock and three cushions that have just MADE my living space. I now feel like if anyone walks into the room, they’ll think, “that’s so Vanessa”. Crazy how just a couple of pieces can evoke such personality.

The Unbound Heart Clock makes a striking statement. It’s bold with a splash of coral pink across a grey grid print. With a deep bamboo frame, glass front and black hands that stand out a mile, this time-teller is such a focal point wherever it sits. I haven’t got a permanent spot for it yet, but I currently have it leaning against the wall in the living room. I think I’ll be putting it in the office space as I have pretty much nothing going on in that room yet.

The three cushions I chose included the Unbound Heart Cushion, which adds that pop of pink to the space. My favourite pastel colour in a slight coral tone which makes it that much more special. The Urban Motion Cushion caught my eye through the unique print that somehow feels so coastal, perfect for where I live. I really love the effortlessness of the marle grey fabric on the back with the pink piping too, which is how I have the cushion displayed on the couch.

And lastly my favourite, the Broken Glamour Cushion. The pastel pink, splattered paint, spotted watercolour and marble print. 
This one is me all over, always trying to be everything at once and (hopefully) somehow succeeding. It’s just magical and I love it.

These cushions feel SO much more luxe that ones I’ve bought from other stores, due to the feather down cushion insert inside the removable case. They arrived flat-packed, safe and sound in plastic. With a few shakes and pillow punches here and there, they expand to a comfy, full-of-life cushion that’s ready to throw wherever you need.

Art Club Concept not only have cushions and clocks, the also have glittery vases, incredible wall art and even printed skateboards. Definitely check them out.

x Vanessa

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