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Monday Musings #4

Happy Monday!
I wouldn’t say today is my happiest Monday…. I feel like I’m starting off the week in the most terrible mood which is not fun. I lacked so much motivation over the past week. I didn’t feel like putting my face to anything, so I spent my week on blog posts that required mostly sitting behind-the-scenes at the computer.
I have a few videos on my to-do list for this week, hopefully I get at least two of them done! It’s meant to be sunny from tomorrow so I think I’ll get the camera back on again. Whenever it’s dark and gloomy, I seem to be dark and gloomy too and that’s been the case all weekend.
Yesterday I went onto my Youtube channel to find that I had finally reached 5000 subscribers. I know that’s minuscule in the grande scheme of things, but I literally only ever thought I’d get to about 40 subscribers. When it exceeded that, I was a little shocked. Youtube has become the biggest driving factor for me. When I haven’t filmed and uploaded a video, like last week, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything. When I do though, it just gives me such a boost of excitement and motivation.
I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but lately I’ve really lost the point of Instagram. I do love creating pictures for it, but at the same time I feel it has become so repetitive and kind of… pointless? If anyone features a new product, it’s usually buried so far within a flatlay that you can’t even see it. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just going through a phase. I’ve just felt like putting my energy into other things over the past week, things that I feel are more worthwhile and on platforms I feel have a little more substance to them. I’d say currently my favourite thing with Instagram is seeing people’s outfits and interior inspiration. Otherwise, I just seem to scroll through pointlessly.
Does anyone else feel the same about Instagram, or am I just in a mid social media life crisis?
x Vanessa

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  1. Danielle Morris says

    I agree re instagram, it would be nice if there were more people posting fashion outfit posts i.e. affordable brands like Witchery, Country Road, Seed etc.. not high end brands like Chloe worn on models.

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