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Isn’t it interesting how despite the size of your makeup collection or the amount of brushes you have, you always tend to reach for Β those go-to favourites? The products that don’t let you down… the trustworthy ones that you know won’t stuff up your makeup halfway through πŸ˜‚

During the past year I have realised just how many Sigma Beauty products I rely on, on a weekly basis. Sigma are a super generous company and I’m very lucky to be sent new releases to share with you on the blog, so over time my Sigma collection has definitely grown! Some of their products don’t work so well for me… but others have become my all time favourites. I want to share those faves with you!

Sigma beauty warm neutrals palette
Sigma beauty warm neutrals palette review
Sigma beauty individual eyeshadow Eiffel review


I feel like I’ve talked about this palette so much, but for good reason! These eyeshadows are beyond pigmented, there are only two (the light pink shimmer and cream shade) that don’t apply well straight off a brush. I’ve been digging right into the cream shade to use as a simple base for the rest of the shadows, I just wish the light sparkly pink stood out a little more!

It has the perfect mix of everyday colours, as well as a few great ones to darken or sparkle up your look for the night. You can choose from both a cool toned and warm toned matte brown for the crease. It also has several shimmers – bronzes, berry and pinks – for the lid. The darker shades have so much pigment that I always have to be careful I don’t pick up too much! I reach for this palette so often, as it really has everything I need to whip up an eye look.

I own two gel liners, one is drugstore and the other is by Sigma. Which one didn’t dry up a week after opening?…. Sigma! With these types of little pot products, it can be hard to keep them at the right consistency but I’ve had no issues with the Sigma liner.

I’ve heard many people raving about this one in particular on Youtube, beyond any higher end gel liners. It just works… it applies easily with an angled winged liner brush, stays in place and is super black as well.

This little sparkly black eyeshadow pictured above is a dark smoky eye must-have. Not only is it so pigmented, the sparkles catch the light incredibly and it just looks stunning. There’s something magical about this one!

I’ve tried it all over the lid, blending it out with a brown in the crease. I’ve also used it to darken up the outer V in smoky eye looks. I also have individual shadows in pink and brown, and all three of them are as pigmented as the palette.




If you’re after a natural, pretty blush for everyday, Sigma’s ‘Pet Name’ powder blush is such a good colour. It’s a very light, peachy pink and gives your cheeks a natural, effortless flush of colour. I tend to reach for it over the same product in ‘Nymphaea’, as the colour goes with every eye look (especially with the colours in the Warm Neutrals palette) and the compact is easy to use as well.

Sigma beauty aura powder blush pet name
Sigma beauty power stick clover
Sigma beauty lip product swatches


Starting with a base for the lips, a product you’ve heard me mention a lot on my Youtube channel is the Sigma Lip Base. In particular, the shade ‘Indulgent’ is THE perfect “your lips but better” lip liner. Not only does it line and fill the lips with a long wearing formula, you can also over-draw your lips making them look fuller with a pretty hue of colour. I could literally wear this product alone but I do find it works so well under any nude lipstick. ‘Indulgent’ is the deepest shade of the three, with ‘Lovesick’ a pretty pink and ‘Go Dutch’ your typical nude.

Next up is the Lip Eclipse, a true liquid lipstick that is creamy, highly pigmented with a glossy finish. If you want to take a break from the trendy matte liquid lip and go for something more plump, feminine and glossy I highly recommend these. I love the shades ‘Rosette’ which is a deep pink, and ‘Seal Of Approval’ which is a peachy nude.

And lastly, the Power Stick lipsticks. If you are after a high quality, moisturising and high-pigment everyday red lipstick, you need ‘Bloody Good’ (great name) in your life. I can’t get over these, the packaging itself is so sleek and sturdy with a magnetic lid, while the product itself is beyond comfortable to wear. My favourite shade below is called “Clover”, a super pretty soft pink for the summer.


Sigma beauty power stick lipstick cloverSigma beauty copper rose gold brushes


If I’m using a brush for my foundation, I’ll always reach for this one. When I first saw it I couldn’t understand the unique shape of the bristles, until I tried it out. This brush fits into every little crevice of your face – those little nooks beside your nose, inner corners of your eyes, everywhere. It bends really well with dense bristles that apply foundation over your face quickly and effortlessly, with no streaks or patches left behind.

This brush fits right into the hollows of your cheeks and carves out the perfect line, while blending at the same time. I love using this one with contour powder first, and then I’ll go in with bronzer on a stippling brush and blend it even more. It’s also great for down the sides of the nose and along the jawline.

I don’t know what I did before I owned this brush… actually I do, I applied highlighter with my ring finger! This is probably one of my top 3 brushes I own, out of all the brands. It’s the perfect shape and density to pick up a decent amount of highlighter and apply it in the right spot. You really can’t go wrong with this one.
This shader brush picks up so much pigment! It’s incredibly dense but still flexible. If I want a strong colour across the lid I’ll use this one, as it really packs the eyeshadow on. It’s also slightly bigger than your typical shader brush, so it applies a good amount of eyeshadow, faster.


Sigma beauty copper rose gold brushes


Next on my list to try is one of their loose shimmers – they have this coppery shade that looks incredible.

Do you have any Sigma favourites? Let me know!


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  1. Sofija says

    Girl I am obsessed with your blog! It's stunning. And your photos are done so well in this post! You all round did a lovely job, I'll have to check some of these products out!

  2. Vanessa Gollasch says

    Hey! The brand sends it all to me, so I haven't shopped at their store yet. I know that Adore Beauty, Sephora and Beauty Bay all stock Sigma as well – I've shopped at Beauty Bay a few times so I'd recommend them! They have free shipping when you spend over $26 πŸ™‚

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