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With only twelve days until summer, I’ve been searching around for warm weather pieces to add to my wardrobe plus a few different colours to incorporate. I love looking to the new collections at Sportsgirl to gather inspiration. How beautiful is the shade of sky blue coming through in striped fabric, denim, off-the-shoulder tops and flowy skirts?
I have turned into the biggest wrap dress and wrap skirt addict. There’s something about the style which is so flattering for my body shape and when I put something on that’s wrapped around me, I just feel comfortable. I have one striped wrap skirt that I wore like crazy last summer, so I’m definitely wanting to add a few new colours for this year.
I’m also really happy that Sportsgirl has brought back one of my all-time favourite tops – the white one above. I loved it so much that I wore it once a week for an entire year and now it definitely needs replacing!
What’s your favourite item from above? I think I like the embellished chokers the most 😊

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