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How To Display Your Perfume

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I like to think that I have a good little perfume collection. I’ve never been the type to stick with one signature scent. I might do that one day, but for now, I love having a selection to choose from! I can pick a particular scent to go with the season or for a special occasion. I’m constantly editing the mix I have as well. Perfumes don’t last forever, so I keep only the ones that I reach for most often. In this post I wanted to share my tips on how to store your perfumes, so you get the use out of them and so they stay in good condition for as long as possible!


When storing perfumes, you have to make sure they’re kept in a cool, dry place. If they’re in any kind of heat or sunlight, you risk the perfume going off before the 3-5 year lifespan a bottle typically has. For this reason, keeping your perfumes in the bathroom isn’t the best option, as humidity levels are constantly changing (unless you have a sealed cupboard or drawer). The best places, in my opinion, are any cupboard or room that stays quite cool and dark throughout the day.

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I recently had my perfume collection on a shelf in my cupboard, although I felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of the bottles. Firstly, they’re too pretty to be hidden away, and secondly, when you can’t see something you often forget it even exists! I decided to pull them all out of the cupboard and place them onto this golden spotty 2-tierΒ cake stand I got for my birthday this year. I love how it looks, they all fit on there (with room for more!) and I have it sitting in my office space, which is always kept cool.

Valentino Donna perfume

Other than little cake stands, there are alternative ways you can display your perfumes. These include:

  • Shelving
  • Acrylic leveled stand
  • Serving platter
  • Flat mirrored tray
  • Spice rack
  • Bathroom shelving stands
  • Marble tray
  • Photo frame
I really like the idea of using a photo frame to sit your perfumes on. You can place any photo, printed or foiled paper into the frame and lay it down flat on a table. A spice rack is also great, as you can find one with multiple levels to fit them all in, and it won’t take up much space on a table.
I think it all depends on what your style is, what space you have and how many perfumes you’re trying to display. If you only have a couple, a small mirrored tray would be perfect. If you have many, you’d defintitely need storage with a few levels.
Do you display your perfume in a creative way? I’d love to know!

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  1. Ash M / The Beauty Collection says

    Your perfume collection is SO dreamy! I have mine all neatly arranged on the top of a bookshelf I have set up next to my desk but I always tend to reach for the ones at the front first, forgetting about the others hidden away!

  2. Vanessa Christiane says

    Such a gorgeous idea, the cake stand is! The storage tip is great; thank you.πŸ˜— You have an awesome collection/selection! Perfume is soooooo expensive in South Africa. The few I have I have won but they are depleting rapidly 😒

  3. Patricia Cothron says

    Your display is SO beautiful!! I adore beautiful perfume and beautiful bottles,, too!! Your server is so pretty, can you tell me where you found it or the name of the piece? I could look at perfume displays all day long ( and smell them, as well!).

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