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5 Reasons Why I Love The Wrap Dress

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If I could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of my life, it would be a wrap dress. I’ve become so in love with this style to the point where almost every dress I own is the same (but so different!). I used to never wear dresses, as I didn’t like my arms showing, I didn’t like worrying about it flipping up over my head and I didn’t like how they made me feel… until I discovered the wrap dress.
As you may have heard many times before, the wrap dress was invented back in 1974 by Diane Von Furstenberg. It actually started out as a wrap top and skirt, then Diane decided to combine both pieces into the one simple dress. She saw it as an empowering piece of clothing for women, and 40 years later, the style is still going strong.
If you’re wanting to know why I love wrap dresses so much, here’s 5 reasons.

1. It’s flattering

The short-sleeve midi/maxi wrap dress is one of the most flattering pieces of clothing I’ve ever put on. It accentuates my waist, covers the top half of my arms, shows the best part of my legs, hugs my top-half and overall, makes my pear-shaped figure look the best it can be. I never feel frumpy or too exposed, it simply hides the parts of my body I’m not a fan of and shows off the parts that I do like.

2. It’s feminine

It’s almost impossible not to feel feminine in a wrap dress. With a v-neckline, cinched-in waist and flowy skirt, it creates a womanly hourglass silhouette, no matter what body shape you have. One of my favourite parts of a wrap dress is the way it ties around the waist and you can add a bow. There’s just something really pretty about it.

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3. It’s versatile

Wrap dresses can be worn on so many different occasions. With long sleeves, short sleeves, prints, fabrics and different skirt lengths, there’s always a style that will suit. You can find wrap dresses suitable for work, others that are perfect for special events, even styles for festivals or going out for lunch. It’s the type of dress that can work in both casual and formal settings.

4. It’s fun

There’s nothing uncomfortable about wearing a wrap dress. It’s the type of style that you don’t have to stress about at all, and less stress = more fun. I always lean towards midi to maxi wrap dress styles, and ones that fit so well that there’s unlikely to be any wardrobe malfunctions. It’s really the type of dress style that you can throw on and no matter what, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself.

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5. It’s fabulous

For such a simple piece of clothing, a wrap dress really is fabulous. I’m addicted to them, and I can only imagine my collection is going to grow. If you want a new piece of clothing that will make you feel beautiful, try this style of dress. You won’t be disappointed.


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