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The Products I Love From Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty products review blog Australia

I was looking around the apartment the other day while doing some cleaning, when I noticed just how many Pixi Beauty products I had in each room. So many that I thought a round-up blog post was necessary!

I discovered Pixi a year or two ago, spotting their Glow Tonic Toner in several of my favourite Youtuber’s videos. The mint green packaging was something unique, and hearing everyone raving about this one particular toner had me intrigued. I was lucky enough that Pixi added me to their blogger list and ever since, they’ve been incredibly generous in sharing their latest releases with me.

I have shown you several products I love by Pixi during the past year, but I definitely have so much more to show you. What I love about this brand is that the products are always surprising me. There are a handful of products that I think are absolute gold, and I use them on a weekly basis. Some products I have passed onto my family after trying them out, as they either don’t work for my skin or are not the right shade for me. What I do have to include in this post though, is everything I enjoy. Products I think you would enjoy as well!

Correction Concentrate – Brightening Peach

One of my best Pixi finds is this correcting concealer in “brightening peach”. I mentioned it in my 2016 beauty favourites post, and you’ll probably continue to see me mention it over and over again. I struggle with my under-eye area. No matter how much sleep I get or how healthy I try to be, annoying dark circles like to make an appearance. This concealer is the only one I’ve ever found to cover dark circles entirely. It’s a really thick, full coverage cream in a peachy shade that eliminates darkness under the eyes instantly. The only one bit of trouble I have with it is if I don’t set it really well with powder, my mascara tends to transfer underneath my eyes. Otherwise, I rely on this product so much!

Pixi Beauty correction concentrate review


Glow Tonic Toner

This was the product that had me discover Pixi Beauty in the first place and is one of their most popular. If you’re yet to work a toner into your skincare routine, I highly recommend this one. It contains 5% Glycolic Acid, which works to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells resulting in a more glowy, fresh look to the skin. It can also help to lighten discolouration such as sun or age spots, and it’s great for acne-prone skin as well. So many benefits in this one product!

Pixi Beauty glow tonic toner review


Natural Contour Powder

I have to say, this is one of the best coloured contour powders I’ve ever found. So often you’ll find contour shades to be too warm, too muddy or too shimmery. The Pixi Natural Contour Powder is honestly the perfect shade to create those shadows on your face. It’s a matte, muted brown that isn’t too dark or too light. If I ever feel like actually contouring, rather than just bronzing, this is the powder I use.

Pixi Beauty natural contour powder review

24K Eye Elixir

I was shocked by this product when I first used it. I didn’t think it would make as much of a difference to my under-eye area as it did. This eye elixir is made up of a combination of ingredients which work to de-puff and smooth out the skin under your eyes, especially in the morning. It has a roller ball, which is cooling and soothing in itself, although even more-so when you keep this product in the fridge. It somehow hides/reduces the texture and lines underneath my eyes and makes the skin look younger and fresher. Magic in a bottle!

Pixi Beauty 24k eye elixir blog review

I am now onto my second tub of this wonderful product. I never tend to use up cleansers before buying new ones, but I got right through this one. This cleansing balm literally melts away your makeup. If you only want to use one product to remove your makeup at night, a small amount of this balm will do the trick. I like to work the product into my skin in circular motions, over my eyelids and lashes as well. It’s a greasy substance that somehow clings to all the makeup, then as you rinse it off it drags everything with it off your face. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, and I never have to worry about using a second product to remove leftover makeup, because there isn’t any!

pixi beauty nourishing cleansing balm review


Palette Rosette

This palette is like a shimmery powder dream. It includes several eyesahadows and highlighters, a few brow shades, as well as a blush and bronzer. It’s like a glowy makeup look, all in one. Each eyesahdow has great pigment and most are quite shimmery. If you have a lot of texture in your skin, it probably wouldn’t be the best choice of makeup palette for you, as the high-shine powders would emphasise that texture. However if you’re after a youthful glowy look to your eyes and base, this will do it for you. The brow powders aren’t as pigmented, however when it comes to a product for the brows, a faded look is much more natural!


Pixi By Petra palette rosette

Pixi Beauty eyeshadow palette review swatches


Lash Nourish Makeup Remover Pads

These little things are so useful! If you like to remove your eye makeup separately, or if you wear quite natural makeup and just want a quick and easy way to remove it at night, these little makeup remove pads are wonderful. They’re circular and quite small in size, however they really pack a punch. They contain a blend of botanical oils and aloe vera, which help to nourish your lashes while cleansing and soothing the delicate under-eye area at the same time.

Pixi Beauty lash nourish makeup remover pads review


Fairy Dust Favourites – Metallic Warmth

These seem to be sold out on the Pixi website but I thought I’d include them anyway, in case Pixi ever bring out new loose pigments. These are so good! When I first swatched them and saw how pigmented and metallic they were, I had to try them on my eyes straight away. They apply well with your finger or a damp brush. I loved the shades in this collection.

Beauty Sleep Cream

I’m addicted to using a heavy moisturiser on my skin at night. I feel if there’s anything I can do besides eating right and drinking lots of water to keep my skin looking good for as many years as possible, it’s moisturise like crazy. Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream contains natural mango butter and oils of lavender, oil and bergamot. Despite it being a dense cream, it absorbs quite quickly so you don’t have to worry about it getting on your pillow.

Pixi by Petra beauty sleep cream review


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  1. Nicole Merza says

    I'm super new to Pixi since they just started selling it in Canada, so I've been obsessed with these kinds of posts lately. Definitely going to hunt down those Fairy Dusts! They swatch gorgeously!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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