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Flip And Style haul


I’ve been doing a bit of shopping here and there lately, so I thought I’d combine all my new things into the one post to share with you.
Firstly, I’ve been planning to get a Kate Spade bag for about a year now. I adore the designer and I just think everything by Kate Spade is so classy, feminine and wonderful. I spent so long checking out new bags coming through, read so many reviews, went back and forth between different ones and finally decided on the Mini Candace in Black. I’m so in love with it…. I’ll be doing a full review post about it so stay tuned for that ๐Ÿ’—
Kate Spade Mini Candace Black
To go along with the bag I decided to get a new card holder as well, theย Leewood Place Card Holderย in Pink Granite. It is honestly the prettiest colour and I’m so happy with it. I have theย Cori Coin Holderย I bought last year, which I’ll keep for coins only. I’ve used it a tonne for cards as well but it was getting a little frustrating pulling cards out to try and reach coins (and just the general fumbling around). So now I have both and can decide between the two.
Kate Spade Leewood Place Card Holder Pink GraniteKate Spade Leewood Place Card Holder Pink Granite

I found these Tear Drop earrings at Forever New and they were one of those last minute “I need these too” type of purchases ๐Ÿ˜Š I can’t be the only one who does that. I’m trying to build on my collection of jewellery now that I have a new engagement ring to pair everything with. The heart dish is from the Shopbop gift boutique, it may be sold out now but I know they have other styles. It’s the best little thing to put my ring in at night or whenever I’m not wearing it around the house.

Forever New earrings


I have a few new tops. The first is the Floaty Blouse in Musk from Sportsgirl and one of those things I had to get as soon as I saw it. I love the flared sleeves which wrap around as well as how the top dips longer at the back. It fits really nicely, the colour is perfect and it’s something I’ll wear a lot this winter.
Sportsgirl blush pink floaty blouse
Country Road had a sale so I decided to try a pair of their skinny jeans and wow, they’re comfortable. I got theย Soft Touch Jeggingย in Black, which I would call jeans rather than jeggings. They’re really thick fabric, amazing quality, very true to size and will be super warm in winter. I’m interested in getting the charcoal colour as well as they’re such good jeans.
The other top I have is theย Lace Teeย by Endless Rose. I’ve seen this for a while now and thought it might be too small for me, as I’ve found the brand caters more towards smaller figures. However, it fits! I am in love with the lace detail on the bottom and I love how it’s a casual-style tee on the top. The only thing I wish is that the lace started a little lower, as it sits in a slightly odd spot. Otherwise though, definitely recommend if you love pretty white tops.
Shopbop Endless Rose Lace Tee White


These are the Blair Chelsea Ankle Boots from Forever New and I fell for the colour. It’s a soft taupe grey, something different from all the black boots I own. I love how these look with blue jeans and they’re a really comfortable low heel height. Heeled boots which are low enough that you can wear them all day are the best.

Forever New Blair Chelsea Ankle Boots


I found this activewear set inย Cotton On Bodyย a few weeks ago, the pink crop and grey leggings I was looking for online. Love them so much. I’ve never tried their activewear range before and I’m really surprised about the quality of the leggings especially. They fit so well and suck you right in as they’re high waisted. Amazing colours too.
Cotton On Body Activewear


And lastly, I found the spotty H&M cup! This has been sitting on my dressing table since I bought it, holding a few of my makeup brushes. The print is so fun and really stands out. I think it’s meant to be a toothbrush cup, but I’ve seen it all over Pinterest as a makeup brush holder and it definitely works for that.

H&M spotty cup

Hope you enjoyed that little haul! I miss doing my haul videos but I just haven’t had the time lately. Might get back into it eventually but for now, everything will be in blog posts ๐Ÿ˜Š

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