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House Of Lashes | Review

House Of Lashes review

If there was ever a brand to fit perfectly into the pages of Flip And Style, it’s House of Lashes. I decided to review their false lashes range plus everything that goes along with it as I’ve never seen such a stunning, magical and super cute array of products. If you’re a beauty lover, read on and get your purse ready. You’re going to want to try some of these…
Based in California, House of Lashes was founded by a fashion and beauty expert who sought to produce a collection of the most flattering lash styles for every eye shape. The lashes are hand-crafted with 100% sterilised premium human hair as well as cruelty-free synthetic fibers. There are dramatic styles for evening-wear and lighter styles to pretty up your look for the daytime.
The packaging is gorgeous, so much so that it’s hard not to keep. It’s evident that so much thought and creativity has gone into every detail in every single product. You can really tell just how much love has been put into House of Lashes and it’s the nicest feeling to hold something so perfectly put together.

The Premium Luxe lashes are the go-to designer range. They’re the most popular, showstopping styles you can’t go past and definitely the ones you’ll hear about the most.
One pair of lashes I’m sure you’ve heard of is the style called Iconic, a super popular and highly recommended lash featured all over Instagram and Youtube. Seeing it in person is insane… so dramatic, fluttery and wonderful. It’s easy to see how it’s such a favourite. If you’re wanting to try something else, Noir Fairy is one I’m so drawn to. Layered, thick and super feathery, they’re the perfect pair to add to a shimmery rose golden eye.

House Of Lashes Premium Luxe Collection
House Of Lashes Precious Gem Case Rose Quartz
The Classic Collection are a more affordable range to try if you’re after a stylish lash fix. They’re lightweight, easy to apply with different sized lash bands depending on the look you’re after. Some styles have a super thin lash band which will blend effortlessly into your lash line, others are thicker to sit nicely on liquid liner. There are a couple of pairs of lower lashes as well.

Two Classic pairs I think you’ll love are Siren, a Bambi-esque wispy pair, and Mon Cheri, a really delicate, rounded lash that will make your eyes look wider.

House Of Lashes Classic Collection
Individual Lashes
These I am so excited to try. Individual lashes are really great for anyone with hooded eyes. You can position them exactly where you need more length and density, so you have more control over the finished eye look.

There are three levels of density, Le Petit Triple, Double and Single. Each pack contains the lashes in different lengths as well. You can customise your look with the one pack, or purchase the collection of three to have the density options available to you.

House Of Lashes Individual Lashes
Mini Collection
For all the small-eyed girls out there, these lashes are designed just for you. The most popular House of Lashes styles have been scaled down to suit smaller eye shapes so you don’t have to miss out on comfortably wearing these beautiful designs. Sometimes even the most natural of longer, larger lash styles can look too overdone for a small eye shape, and no amount of trimming can fix that. These minis are worth trying if you feel you spend more time trimming lashes than wearing them πŸ™‚

House Of Lashes Mini Collection
Disney Tinker Bell
So I am absolutely dying over this collection… House of Lashes has a special edition Disney Tinker Bell collection and the styles are so sweet. My favourite is called Just Wing It, the usual winged-out style I go for. You can buy the pairs separately or purchase the collection of three. They also have a gorgeous Tinker Bell lash case and lash glue. If you’re a Disney lover this collection is something not to miss out on.

House Of Lashes Disney Tinker Bell Collection
The lashes in the Lite Collection are my personal favourites. If you love effortless styles that aren’t too dramatic, then go for these. You can comfortably wear them day to day and they add just the right amount of volume to dress up your makeup.

The three styles available are favourites from the Premium Luxe collection, simply lighter in density. If you think the Iconic style might be too dense for your eye shape, try the Iconic Lite (which I’m wearing in the photo below). Same for the Noir Fairy and Boudoir styles which are also available.

House Of Lashes Iconic Lite
Precious Gem Lash Cases
My mouth dropped open when I opened one of these cases. I couldn’t get over how beautiful a lash case could be, and I honestly recommend getting one of these if you’re thinking about putting an order in at House of Lashes.

I opened the Rose Quartz one first and was blown away. It’s a sturdy box with an embossed rose gold lid and pale pink base. There’s a large mirror on the inside, space for three pairs of lashes and when you lift the lash part there’s a container in the bottom for your adhesive (mini in the clips, regular size fits at the back) and tweezers! The case is also available in Champagne Gold and Aquamarine. There’s a Tinker Bell one too.

I’ve never really known how to travel with lashes so this is a dream.

House Of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Case Rose Quartz
House Of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Cases
House Of Lashes Disney Tinker Bell Lash Case
Lash Adhesive
Is it a shock that even their lash adhesive is super cute? Probably not. Everything is! They have both clear-white and dark-black brush on adhesive, packaged in cute holographic tubes with a secure twisted lid. The glue is waterproof, long lasting and latex-free, great for sensitive eyes and contact-wearers. There’s also a pack of minis if you’re wanting something extra small for travelling.

I tried the glue and a pair of lashes for a full day of travelling and I couldn’t feel a thing. The glue had my lashes stuck all day and didn’t irritate my eyes at all. You don’t have to wait forever for it to become tacky on the lash – it’s quite fast and you can see it turn blue when it’s ready to go on.

House Of Lashes Lash Adhesive
Lash Story Pro Edition
This case would be pure gold to any lash collector, pro makeup artist or even just anyone who loves to be super organised. The Lash Story Pro Edition is a beautiful keepsake case with magnetic closures. It holds up to 22 pairs of lashes and 2 lash adhesive bottles in the most neat and organised way. You can label the style names above each pair of lashes you own and close everything up, knowing you have a beautiful library of lashes to choose from each day.

House Of Lashes Lash Story Pro EditionHouse Of Lashes Lash Story

Their prices are very comparable to the prices of lashes in Australia. They also have deals if you buy multiple pairs. The International Standard Shipping (7-20 business days) option at the checkout is definitely affordable and there is also the option for Express Shipping (3-6 business days) if you want to pay a bit extra. So worth the wait though!

Everything from House of Lashes is packaged so beautifully and just incredible. My top 3 recommendations would be the Iconic Lite lashes, the Precious Gem Lash Case in Rose Quartz and the Lash Adhesive in clear-white.

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