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Trying New Products by Rimmel London

Rimmel London New Products 2017


I’ve been trying out a couple of new Rimmel London products throughout the past week, so I thought I’d pull them out of the drawer to share my thoughts. Mainly all face products, with one body product I think is so worth a try. I feel like every time Rimmel bring out something new amongst their range of makeup, I have to give it a go. I love how bright and exciting their products always are, and testing things out to see how they work is always interesting.

Wake Me Up Foundation

I decided to try this foundation in the shade 100 Ivory, as I always go for the lightest one available. It claimed to erase signs of tiredness and daily stress, which I found intriguing as that pretty much sums up my life (and I’m sure a lot of others can relate!) It’s a skin brightening foundation with Vitamin C and radiance pearls. It’s thick in consistency, blendable with a sponge and the packaging includes a pump which is a plus.

Unfortunately, the lightest shade is just not light enough. It oxidises as soon as it touches my skin (as you’ll see from the swatches below) and comparing it to my neck – my whole face looks orange. It’s such a shame, as the finish is so nice. It’s really glowy, youthful and provides an even, medium-full coverage. It sits really well on the skin and you don’t even need to powder away the glow. The colour just isn’t right. If you tan or don’t have pale skin, you are more likely to find a colour to match in this foundation as it just gets darker from here. This shade though, is probably 2 shades too dark for me, so sadly, I’ll have to pass it on to someone else 😞

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation Ivory Review
Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation Concealer swatches


Wake Me Up Concealer

I haven’t used a Rimmel concealer in so long. It was the brand I went for when I first started buying makeup and I loved it at the time. After trying the Wake Me Up Concealer, I remembered why I loved it so much. The formula is so good – creamy, blends easily and doesn’t crease. The wand applies a decent amount of product, quickly. It immediately makes me look more awake and brightens the skin under my eyes, so it’s great that it lives up to the name.

The shade 010 Ivory works well with the foundation shade I mentioned above, as it’s several shades lighter to brighten and highlight. I’m not too sure if it will be light enough to brighten with the foundations that actually match my skin tone. I hope Rimmel considers pale skin in future product shades!

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer review

Good To Glow Highlighter

If you’re into cream products, especially throughout winter while your skin is probably slightly drier than usual, this is a really nice highlight and a product I can definitely recommend. I’ve heard others say it’s very subtle, but I think the opposite. It stands out without being over the top, depending on the amount you apply. It blends nicely on top of your foundation, doesn’t separate it at all.

I have the shade 001 Notting Hill Glow, which is a really pale silvery-pink shimmer. It has specks of silver shimmer through it, so if you’re into more of a smooth highlight this probably isn’t for you. Something great about this product is that it actually sets on your skin. It’s creamy at first when you apply it, allowing you time to make sure it’s spread out and blended by tapping your finger or using a sponge. After about 10-20 seconds it sets in place, you can’t feel it at all and it won’t budge.

Rimmel London Good To Glow Highlighter review
Rimmel London Good To Glow Notting Hill swatches


Insta Fix & Go

I’m still undecided on this 2-in-1 primer and setting spray. I think as a primer, it’s brilliant. Very refreshing, smells slightly of cucumber and is a bit tacky at first on the skin, providing that base for foundation to stick to. I do believe it makes my foundation stay on longer, and I love how I can spray on a primer without needing to spread it out with my fingers or a brush.

As a setting spray, it doesn’t feel that great on my skin for a while after applying it. It does have that feeling of locking my makeup down, but in a tight way. I do have sensitive skin, so it could just be that. It may also be the layering of products which my skin doesn’t seem to like. For me, I think it works better as just a primer, and that is definitely how I’m going to continue using it because it is a really great product.

Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go Review

Sunshimmer Self Tan

I finally said goodbye to my Australis Rapid Tan this previous summer and moved onto something new, the Rimmel Sunshimmer self tanning mousse. I’ve seen this tan pushed a lot over the last year or so, yet I never really took to it as I product I wanted to try. I think the name turned me off, as it just sounded like a shimmery bronzing product. After actually giving it a go, I was impressed. It’s a good tan!

I have it in the shade Medium Matte – there’s light, medium and dark. This colour is so good for fair skin, as it gives you a natural finish without the obvious look of wearing fake tan. As this shade is so light, even after letting it develop for longer than usual, I don’t know how much the light shade would show up, but I guess it depends on the finish you’re after.

It fades nicely, which was something I really loved about it. I could apply it on a Sunday and it would last for about 3-4 days. It then starts to fade gradually through to the weekend, without patchiness. It also doesn’t require too much scrubbing to start over again.

They do say it has no fake tan smell, which it doesn’t as you’re applying it. It does for me though, while it’s developing. I think it’s quite hard to avoid the smell of tan, but you get used to it after a while.


Rimmel London Sun Shimmer self tan review
Rimmel London Sun Shimmer self tan review
What have you snapped up from Rimmel recently?

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  1. i am using the wake me up concealer like crazy lately. it is in my make up routine for a couple of month now. i apply it with my slightly wet beauty blender and it really makes the difference in my under eye are.

    i have been reading your blog for a while now. it is so inspiring. i like your review, i love the colors, i love the picture you take. and since i found your posts about anxiety, i like your blog even more!
    i was diagnosed with anxiety a couple of years ago and then with depression. i had a very negative experience in my life and it has been so hard for me to overcome it. until now that everything look so far from me, i feel better, but i don't feel at my best.
    for a long time i was not able to get out of the house. and when i went out i felt like i can't even breathe. for a long time i had no friends, i was about to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend, i push my mom away. it has been such a dark period. but since i started to see a therapist, i started to see my "problem" less heavy. i started to realize so many people were in my same situation and suddenly i was not feeling alone. day by day things started to feel different, but the big change was when i had the courage to sign for a pastry course. i started to like it a lot and it became the reason why i was able to left my house. after so long i had a purpose, a goal to reach and i made it. i put all my effort in the class, and with my boyfriend help i started to fix my life little by little. (i realize my boyfriend and yours have the same name XD) and at the end of the class, my teacher offered my a job in his bakery shop and i am working here for six month now. i still can not believe i made it, i still can not believe i have been able to react to what i was going through. but, as you say, in our life we get what we are able to handle. and reading your words puts me immediately in a good mood.
    thank you for sharing, vanessa. this is so inspiring.

    i would not seem intrusive…
    i was thinking about to start a blog about food – since baking is my life.
    may i ask you what platform are you using? is your blog powered by wordpress or what?
    i hope i am going to get an answer.

    once again, you are doing an amazing job here.
    keep going, girl
    x ali

  2. Hi Ali,

    I am so happy that you found something that pulled you through… that's what blogging has been for me. Finding something that you love doing is one of the best remedies and that's so amazing that you now have a job doing something so fun and you feel better. If it ever hits you again, know that you're not alone 🙂

    I use Blogger for my blog. It's free and very easy to use so I definitely recommend you create one on there.

    x Vanessa

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