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Exciting New Highlighters by L’Oreal Paris

l'oreal paris true match highlighter review beauty blog


A few months ago I received a several new 2017 releases from L’Oreal Paris to try and there were a few products I’ve been using since and I think you might like as well. The first is the Infallible Total Cover foundation, which I actually prefer as a full-coverage concealer (it blends so easily). The other is the True Match Highlight in the shade Rosy Glow.

The True Match Highlight powders are an illuminator and blush/bronzer product all in one. Each product has three different shimmery shades inside and they can be used in multiple ways, including as a glowy blush or bronzer, a face highlight, eye highlight or shimmery eye shadow. I’m glad these are so multi-purpose, as I feel when it comes to makeup, you want to get your money’s worth out of a product.


The packaging is wonderful, a really great compact size. The lid and surrounding the product is in a mirrored silver casing, with a product name sticker on the lid. The product opens both at the top (to get to the highlighter) as well as underneath, where there is a mirror and a small brush. I didn’t even notice the underneath section for quite a while! The brush is actually really useful for topping up your highlight throughout the day and the mirror is a good size.

l'oreal paris true match highlight
l'oreal paris true match highlighter review


There are two shades available in this True Match range. Golden Glow for medium-dark skin tones and Rosy Glow for light-medium.

Golden Glow is one that I probably won’t wear too often, as I don’t like the look of yellow/golden tones on my face, however for anyone who tans, this shade would be the best. You can wear the light gold as your highlight and use one of the darker shades to add a glowy shimmer to your bronzer. The darkest shade in this compact is my favourite of the three.

l'oreal paris true match highlight golden glow review
l'oreal paris true match highlight swatches

Rosy Glow is my new favourite highlighter and one I’ve found myself wearing non-stop over the past few weeks. I love the lightest shade as a highlight on my face and inner corners. It is slightly glittery, but I do like that effect as I think it’s really pretty. I also love mixing all three shades for a light, shimmery eye shadow colour (although I wouldn’t wear it on both the eyes and face at the same time).

You could add the darkest shade to your cheeks as a glowy blush. Personally I avoid shimmery products on my face (besides highlighter) as I don’t like to emphasis the texture on my skin. It’s a super pretty pink though, for those of you who do love to be all glowy!

l'oreal paris true match highlight rosy glow review


I found both of these were definitely pigmented to begin with, although were much more pigmented when I got underneath the top layer of product. That can happen a lot with different eyeshadows and powders – the more you use it the better it gets.

It is a glittery product (in a nice way) but it still blends nicely across the skin. As it fades, it leaves the tiny specks of glitter behind, so you’re pretty much guaranteed all-day sparkliness. I think the shade Rosy Glow is more sparkly than the Golden Glow.

l'oreal paris true match highlighters
l'oreal paris true match highlighters review blog

The True Match highlight retails for $19.95 and you receive 9g of product, which is a decent amount. It is one of the more expensive drugstore highlighters, however if you compare it to something like the Nude By Nature highlighter trio, which is $39.95, then it’s not too bad. Definitely one of those things to add to your wishlist for sale days though, if you want to try something new πŸ™‚

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