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The Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set

Sigma brushes are up there as some of my most-used makeup brushes, and for good reason! They are beautifully made, easy to use and each individual brush has been designed so incredibly well for its particular purpose. The brush sets they release are always such good value and their Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set is no exception. Definitely something I had to share with you all!

The Sigma Beauty Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set is a 13-piece collection of professional eye brushes, each with shiny copper detail that any rose golden lover would adore. Every single eye brush you could possibly need is in this set. There are crease brushes, blending brushes, shader, angled and pointed brushes. No matter what detail you’re trying to create on the eyes, there’s a brush in this set that will make it easy.

Sigma Beauty Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set blog review

Sigma Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set review

Something I love about my Sigma brushes is that they’re so easy to keep clean… they stay looking brand new for a long time. I’ve found the complete opposite with my Zoeva brushes, which is such a shame as they’re so pretty. They just mark so easily and the copper ferrules have marked a lot as well. The Sigma brushes I’ve had for a few years now look as though they’ve barely been touched, despite using and washing them a tonne!

I use Sigma’s Tapered Highlighting brush and Small Contour brush every single time I do my makeup, and whenever I use a brush for my foundation instead of a beauty blender, it’s their 3DHD Kabuki brush. Not only do they work so well… I know they’re going to last me so many years to come.

sigma beauty makeup brushes review
Sigma Beauty Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set
Sigma Beauty Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set review
Ultimate Copper Eye Makeup Brush Set

My favourites from this particular brush set, ones you’ll find are cult favourites too, include the E35 Tapered Blending and E40 Tapered Blending brushes. These are your go-to brushes for blending colour through the crease. If I had to choose the best out of those two, it’s the black E40.

Another favourite is the E45 Small Tapered Blending brush. This one is so good for placing colour in the outer V. It’s small with a pointed tip, so eyeshadow goes straight into the deep outer corner and you can really get the placement exactly where you want it.

And then there’s the E55 Eye Shading brush – a small, dense shader brush, perfect for placing shimmery eye shadow on the eyelid. I like to spray this one with a setting spray before picking up eye shadow and because it’s so dense, it gets a lot of product onto your eyelid.

best top sigma beauty makeup brushes
Sigma Beauty Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set
Sigma brushes have never disappointed me. I bought a pack for my sister last Christmas because I knew she’d get the use out of them and they’re so reliable. I think they’re such a great gift, whether for someone you know, or for yourself of course πŸ™‚

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  1. Carolina says

    Sigma brushes are so good! I would love to have this set but it's a bit expensive for me right now, but it's gorgeous!

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