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Wardrobe Staples For 2018

Happy New Year everyone! So excited to get organised and start this year off feeling on top of everything, including my wardrobe! I thought I’d put together a new Capsule Wardrobe / 2018 Staples guide, mainly to help myself but to help anyone else who needs to sort out their wardrobe. I feel like when my clothing, shoes and accessories are organised, I feel more at peace knowing I’m ready for anything.

Above are a few basic things I personally would love to have ready to go for 2018. Of course there are so many other things that I haven’t included, eg. maxi dresses, sneakers, casual attire, prints etc. But with the items above to choose from, I know I’ll be set.

I’ve gone on a search for the best of each item I can find currently online. Most of the items pictured above are from H&M.


Camis are such useful layering pieces for throughout the year. Easy to wear in summer tucked into a skirt, or with jeans and a cardi over the top when it gets colder. They’re also a great option to wear under jumpers if you don’t want to get too hot.


This past year I bought this really pretty dusty rose coat but I bought it towards the end of the colder season so never got to wear it, hopefully this year! A black coat is an essential so as soon as I spot the perfect one, I need to purchase.


I’m such a big tee wearer, they’re just the easiest thing. Whether casual tees in black, white or stripes, or prettier tees with frills or peplum in style.


I bought two pairs of jeans this past year, black and blue, and I have worn the blue ones so often. The black I wore more when going out, but as a daily item the blue got the most wear. I always get my jeans from Forever New as they fit really well, however I’m contemplating trying Topshop jeans as I’ve heard so many good things about them.


Something I find myself wearing quite often throughout winter is a jumper/cardi with jeans and boots. Super cosy, usually a light coloured knit and just a really easy outfit to wear.


One of the items I really need to purchase this year is a black dress. I’m always wearing floral/printed dresses but I feel I could get a lot of wear out of something in black.

Sleeveless Coats

I’m such a big fan of this style of coat, mainly due to my body shape. I love how flattering they are, they always look stylish and I have several in blush and grey to wear over tops with jeans, mainly in spring and autumn.


Everyone should have some go-to tops in their wardrobe that are a little more special than your simple camis and tees. I love lace, frills, white and blush. I’d love to find a silk shirt as well this year, I used to have one years ago and I loved it but no idea where it has ended up.


One of the most versatile skirts you could own is a black midi. You can wear them during the day, to work or out at night if you find the right styles and shapes.


A black bag is one of the most essential items you should own for both day, work and night. For evenings out, a sling or clutch bag is a nice change. Two items definitely worth investing in!


Four styles of shoes I think are really handy to have are sandals, heels, flats and boots. Black is an easy colour to pair with anything, unless you’re more into tan/nude accessories, in which case you could go for those colours instead. I prefer lighter tones in my shoes as I think they make my legs look longer, however black shoes always look classic.

And following are some outfit ideas using the items above. As you’ll see there are so many ways you can mix these pieces to put together outfits for all types of occasions. Feel free to pin to your style boards on Pinterest for later!

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

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  1. Cherish O says

    This must have taken a while to do, I appreciate that πŸ™‚ Am I the only one wondering what ‘wardrobe staples’ are? I’m not quite familiar with the term and now I’m seeing it everywhere πŸ€”

  2. Bek Summersby says

    I love this, it is simple and to the point, and you don’t try to push accent colours in your staples. Not everyone looks good in blush, and you seem to understand that, though you do point out places where your chosen accent colour would work. I have been trying to put together my own wardrobe, and your post reminded me that essentials are essential, I need to cull mine down a little more I think, I still have clothes I don’t wear in there.

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