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Hair Accessories You Have To Try

hair accessories trends 2018

I love finding super pretty hair accessories that would fit in with everything in my wardrobe. Very simple things like headbands, flowers and things to tie around my ponytail or a low bun.

Pearls are everywhere at the moment, I’ve seen so many knitwear items with little pearls scattered all over. In terms of accessories I’ve spotted some really nice pearl headbands as well, which if you wanted to get something pearly this season and want to get more than one or two wears out of it, adding a pearl headband is a really good idea. Unlike clothing, pearl accessories will never go out of style.

I never thought I’d get a scrunchie again but when I found the satin one above, it changed my mind. The colour is so nice but I even think a black or white one would look even better. There is this collection at Shopbop which has three different colours.


Crystals are always so pretty and something I’m absolutely loving lately is tying a ribbon in a bow around a ponytail. You have to try.

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