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To Do List: Breathe

At the beginning of 2018 I wrote a To Do List with things I really wanted to focus on and ways I wanted to change my life, mind, health and happiness. Things that were really important to me and things that I knew would put me on the path to success in every aspect of my life. I got straight into it and several months down the track, I could already see the difference I had made.

Now starting 2019, I feel so happy with myself that I put that effort in because the results are honestly bliss. Writing a list like that above and reminding yourself of it daily can really make you focus on what’s important.

Following are 4 more ways I made this past year my own:

I allowed myself to say ‘no’

If you often feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you and feel like you’re about to break, know this – you are allowed to say ‘no’. It’s common to be a people-pleaser. Feeling like you need to say yes to everyone, make everyone happy and feeling bad if you were to say no or disappoint anyone. I was one of those people – I was trying to make everyone around me happy, which is all well and good, but I wasn’t happy.

As soon as I started saying no to people, events, opportunities, questions, requests, etc. and focused on the things I really wanted to say yes to, I felt so much better. I made myself, my health and my happiness a priority, because if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that you only have one life – it’s your life to live however you want, and if you’re hurting yourself to make sure everyone else is happy, is that really the best way to live?

I took exercise and food seriously

I have made such a difference to my health this past year. Working at the computer daily really started taking a toll, I was unhappy with my body and it was affecting my mind as well. I knew I had to make a change, so I:

  • Set a weight goal in my Fitbit app to achieve by Christmas
  • Made healthier food choices
  • Cut a tonne of sugar by switching to Stevia and drinking soda water
  • Still ate what I wanted to on the weekends so I didn’t go crazy
  • Exercised 5 days a week without fail

I surprised myself and made it to my goal weight by Christmas. It took a lot of determination, but seeing the progress in my Fitbit app every week really kept me going. I highly recommend getting one if you’re thinking about doing the same thing!

Things that really helped me get to where I wanted to be were all the workouts on Popsugar fitness, especially this one (it’s worked wonders!) plus shakes and snacks from Women’s Best.

I spent time doing what made me happy

You’ve probably noticed my absence on both this blog and my Instagram over this past year. I decided to put all my energy and focus into my business Blog Pixie. Once I realised how motivated and happy I was waking up every day to run that site and everything that comes with it, I knew that’s what I should be doing at that time. I just needed a break from sharing my life online so that I could actually focus on making it the best it could be behind the scenes, while I continued working away.

I really worked my butt off in 2018, I was non-stop every day. It was all worth it, now starting 2019 feeling successful, driven, unstoppable and most importantly – happy. Ready to blog again, Instagram and I also bought a vlogging camera (will I do it though? we’ll see).

I took control of my world

Nothing worth having comes easy, that’s for sure. Running a creative business can be very draining at times – there are those people who want the easy way through life and instead of putting the work in, will decide to take everything you’ve spent years building – and I’m not talking about just one idea here and there – but every single aspect of everything I’ve created in regards to Blog Pixie.

I could go so far into talking about this and sharing it all, but all I’ll say right now (and what I remind myself daily) is… they’ll never be me. I can’t ever imagine wanting to be a second-rate version of someone else. I always aim to be the best I can be. To do that, you need to be smart, original, creative and talented. You need to think for yourself. To be inspired by someone is one thing, but to take that to the extreme is another and something I’ve unfortunately had to deal with a lot this year.

I respect people who develop their own style, who see an idea that inspires them and they make it their own. Who push the boundaries in their own mind and creativity to create something for themselves. If you have to replicate someone else’s world to feel like you’re succeeding, it’s not going to last and it will eventually rip you apart on the inside.

Nice to meet you, 2019

My main goals for this year are:

  • Be calm, always
  • Stay positive in every situation
  • Resilience is key – don’t let anyone’s words or actions affect you
  • Don’t retaliate, just sit back and observe
  • Be so busy working on yourself, your health, happiness and success that you have no time for anyone who tries getting in the way
  • Know that if anyone ever tries to bring you down, it’s coming from a place of insecurity or lack of understanding
  • Keep breathing, and take every day as it comes

“Once you stop fantasizing about that ideal version of yourself and start working towards becoming that person by setting your alarm clock earlier and actually going to the gym and actually volunteering at places and actually eating healthier and not procrastinating and working just a little bit harder you’ll realize that it was so easy all along. Becoming your ideal self will only ever exist in your mind until you make the decision to work towards becoming that person. Get up!! Get going!! It’s now or never!!”

I believe it’s never too late to make a difference in your life. As soon as you start thinking about what you want and start working every day to get it, you’ll see magic happen.

Happy New Year x

Thank you

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  1. Cherish says

    I really missed your blog posts here on Flip & Style! I follow along religiously 🙂 I can apply a lot of your goals to my own personal journey. I feel like all throughout 2018 I let myself go and my already severe anxiety got even worse. I was really not capable of saying ‘no’ to people. I believed that if I said no to anything or declined anything I would be making people feel bad (I was most likely not!) I will definitely try my best to change some of my current habits and not abandon my goals (like I did last year..)

    xo Cherish

  2. Nicole says

    I was wondering why you weren’t posting as much on here as I’ve been reading your blog for years, and you’re such an inspiration to me! 2018 for me was life-changing because I’ve suffered from anxiety all my life and I felt like last year it was the worst it had been in a long time. But I finally ‘snapped’ and I started cutting out people who were toxic, trying new hobbies and taking care of myself more. This year I’m going to try and think more positively, work towards building my self confidence, and work towards being the best person I can be!

    Happy New Year and welcome back xx

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