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Hi, I’m Vanessa, an Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger for the lovers of all things pretty.

2019 is my 11th year blogging! I run both Flip And Style and my creative business, Blog Pixie.

My Favorite Things…


Blush Pink – Ariana Grande – Creme Brulee Lattes – Dior – Candles – Silk – White Roses – Pearls – Prada – Chandeliers – Rose Gold – Kate Spade – Bows – Scented Hand Cream – Pink Sunsets – Soft Blankets – Bronze Eyeshadow – Lingerie – Pink Champagne – Mauve Lipstick – Louis Vuitton – Real Housewives – Baking – Dance Moms – Lace – Pink Grapefruit – Jo Malone – Sia – Too Faced – Heart Lockets – Storms – Charlotte Tilbury – Marble – Chanel

Facts About Me

  • I went to Paris at fifteen and was mesmerised by the sparkling Eiffel Tower from the window of my hotel room
  • I was a competitive dancer from very young up until the age of nineteen (ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary)
  • I’ve danced in the parade at Disneyland Hong Kong and it felt like running a marathon
  • I always wanted to be a character at Disneyland, part of a huge musical or a burlesque-style show
  • I absolutely loved performing at Cheerleading competitions
  • I quit dancing to live a regular life (with no classes, bruises, travel, etc.) and fell in love with fashion
  • I’ve studied Fashion Marketing, Design & Business
  • I’ve interned at too many places to count… assisting stylists, designers, modeling agencies, visual merchandising and online stores
  • I’ve had several different jobs throughout the fashion industry but blogging has always been #1
  • Blogging has been a huge part of my life for over a decade
  • I started coding and designing websites at a very young age and I’m glad I never stopped learning
  • I’ve had quite severe social anxiety and depression but I decided I’m never going to let it control my life.
  • My main aim in life is to make everything around me positive and beautiful.


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